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  1. I wouldn't mind him at all. More depth wouldn't hurt.
  2. Would you guys say this is accurate? Needs: Left fielder, Right fielder, Second baseman, Shortstop, Third baseman*, #3, 4, 5 pitcher, 8th inning pitcher/#2 closer Trade pieces: Donaldson, Tulowitzki, Martin, Bautista, Stroman, Happ, Estrada, Liriano
  3. Wow that's a great deal. Poile is a god.
  4. Right now I think I would do Stroman for Blackmon straight up if Colorado would. Donaldson and Stroman could get us a ton.
  5. Honestly, trade everyone but Sanchez and Osuna. This is getting ridiculous.
  6. This would be a mammoth trade. Although if Melo goes to Cleveland and they sign Rose they'll still be title contenders.
  7. Tavares. He's one of the 3 or 4 franchise players in this league Nominate: Ryan Ellis
  8. Omg I loved Linkin Park as a kid and still do today. This is hesrtbreaking. RIP
  9. Officially going to Cincinnati for our Thursday Night game against Houston! Section 111, row 20. Can't wait.
  10. We have this Troy Tulowitzki guy who could possibly be available
  11. How do you figure we'd get Sergachev after Tampa just payed Drouin to get him?
  12. Some scouts have said if Pettersson was 15-20 pounds heavier he would've gone first. Now I'm saying he will be generational, but if he puts on that extra weight he's a lock as our future 1C.
  13. Getting Toronto would mean the Leafs slurping by TSN and Sportsnet would be unbearable but beating them would be oh so beautiful.
  14. Would it be too bold of a prediction to say Boeser will score 30 goals next season?
  15. 2005 Toyota Camry and currently a 2017 Honda Civic