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  1. Based on what? I've not once heard anyone say Hutton's ceiling is dropping.
  2. What are we doing to the Reds right now
  3. That makes literally no sense for us.
  4. I think Duchene would be a better return for Hanifin but that's not bad.
  5. Jeff Marek just said don't be surprised if Chatfield makes the team out of camp.
  6. And without Gudbranson players will go the front our net all day and there would be nothing we could do about it.
  7. They still have Sam Bennett who could very easily be that 2C along with Tkachuk. I think we should find a way to get #3 from Dallas.
  8. I'm surprised we actually signed him haha. Didn't think we had a shot against Chicago.
  9. Wasn't Estephan supposed to be really good? Would not mind spending a mid-late round pick on him. Same with Korostelev.
  10. My heart says Nashville in 6 but my head says Pittsburgh in 5. Nashville has by far the better defense but Pittsburgh is much more experience. Crosby will get another cup and we won't have to have the Crosby vs Toews debate ever again.