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  1. I think a lateral trade of Baertschi for Burakovsky would be most likely imo. Burakovsky is an upgrade on Baertschi.
  2. Jesus this kid is insane



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    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      I've never heard his name before this but he's 19 yrs old, 5'10'' and 147lbs in his 2nd WHL season. He's matched his last season total in half the games. Compared to Kole Lind (who is in his 3rd WHL season), Aleksi is 3 months younger, and was picked 7 spots later in the 2017 draft. They have similar games played and goals for, the main difference in points between them (85 vs 58) being that Aleksi has 25 more assists.


      Aleksi's team (the Broncos) have only scored 8 more goals for the season (185 vs 177) than Lind's team (the Rockets). Therefore, along with a crazy point streak (the last 26 of his 34 gp) he's involved in 45% of his team's goals.


      Fun fact: The last team Aleksi failed to get a point against 27 games ago? The Vancouver Giants.

    3. Ghostsof1915
    4. Alflives


      And he’s 147 pounds.  He’s currently playing against boys.  

  3. I hope you know a defenseman isn’t required to score points.
  4. Jays just stole Randal Grichuk. Wow.
  5. What would you guys think of this as pregame video/entrance songs?



    1. VanGnome


      I'd prefer something more like this:


    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Barry Manilow

      Culture Club

      Bee Gees ??


      Possibilities are endless!

  6. What is your team and your role?

    Wings Shutdown D-man
  7. Oh Gonzalez is actually a free agent. I thought he was still under contract. We should be all over him then.
  8. I think we still add one, maybe two more outfielders imo. Signing Cain and trading for CarGo would be perfect.
  9. Tampa - Van (Proposal)

    Don’t fool yourself. Edler hasn’t been great, but he’s still a valuable defenseman who eats big minutes and can still produce. He’d be a nice replacement for Hedman until he comes back. Good proposal.
  10. NFL thread

  11. NFL thread

    Yea that would be nice. First host team to play in the Super Bowl against an elite young team in Jacksonville. That would be cool.
  12. NFL thread

    Thank you Jacksonville!!
  13. NFL thread

    Jags ain’t blowing a 28-7 lead. With that defense? Not a chance.
  14. NFL thread