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  1. Oh Gonzalez is actually a free agent. I thought he was still under contract. We should be all over him then.
  2. I think we still add one, maybe two more outfielders imo. Signing Cain and trading for CarGo would be perfect.
  3. Tampa - Van (Proposal)

    Don’t fool yourself. Edler hasn’t been great, but he’s still a valuable defenseman who eats big minutes and can still produce. He’d be a nice replacement for Hedman until he comes back. Good proposal.
  4. NFL thread

  5. NFL thread

    Yea that would be nice. First host team to play in the Super Bowl against an elite young team in Jacksonville. That would be cool.
  6. NFL thread

    Thank you Jacksonville!!
  7. NFL thread

    Jags ain’t blowing a 28-7 lead. With that defense? Not a chance.
  8. NFL thread

  9. NFL thread

  10. How is it a garbage deal? We can replace Baertschi, and if we get 1st we replace Juolevi with a generational defenseman. OEL is a top 10 defenseman in the NHL and you gotta pay up for those, and we need someone like him.
  11. Who would do Baertschi, Juolevi, and our 1st this year (top 5 protected)? Steep price, but it’s a fair deal for both teams imo.
  12. Let's terrify the people of Hawaii!

    Good god, boy who cried wolf much? Like what’s gonna happen when there’s actually an inbound ballistic missile?
  13. Interesting. Pierre LeBrun also reported it’s something to keep an eye on.