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  1. Other than sleep last night I’ve been working pretty much since 4:30 yesterday. I am very tired. 

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    2. Pears


      Closed last night which was 430-130 (original closer had to leave), then I did 12-830 today. 

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      Just razzin ya. I did a few 5pm to 1am shifts that were followed by 630am breakfast shifts back in the day. 


      I'll take "things that were easier when I was younger" for 500, Alex.  


      Are you cooking?

    4. Pears


      Jeez. I’m doing dishes at the moment and we’re pretty short staffed so I might be there for awhile yet. They asked me if I could come in again today, I just said no but in my head I’m like do you know how much I’ve worked the last two days?

  2. Haven’t seen a thread specifically for the WHL yet so I figured I’d start one for those interested in talking about what will happen for this upcoming season.
  3. Should the Canucks Go After Panarin?

    If he wants to come here absolutely.
  4. NFL thread

    Dude still can’t take no for an answer apparently
  5. Captain Marvel trailer!!!




    1. RetroCanuck


      Epic!!! So excited for this one!

    2. Shift-4


      I miss Blockbuster

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      I haven't read comic books in a LONG time but wasn't Captain Marvel (Marvel universe) a dude?

  6. By chance one of my friends from elementary who I hadn’t seen since grade 7 started at my work last week so I was able to take her out today and do some catching up with her which was nice. 

    1. 112


      It's always nice to get back in touch with people. I'm glad you had this experience.

  7. NFL thread

    This team is falling apart
  8. So if it was a bomb threat why wouldn’t the FBI let the local authorities know about it?
  9. Has to be aliens. If not, then why are they being so tight-lipped about it?
  10. NFL thread

    So you can throw after the line of scrimmage now? Oh right. Pittsburgh is exempt to the rules. I forgot.
  11. NFL thread

  12. [Proposal] Van / OTT

    I’d rather go for Stone. Perfect winger for Pettersson imo.
  13. So is this trade actually gonna happen?




    1. HerrDrFunk


      I'm not even positive Erik Karlsson exists at this point. 

    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Tomorrow there's a coming vid. Melnyk & Boro in their Sens pj's(pajama party), are gunna analyze this after a pillow-fight.

    3. coastal.view


      nah .

      ottawa is unable to do something

      that is positive

      for any player, fan, their own team . .

      bleh bleh bleh

      if it does in fact happen it is most likely to be a big mess


      all the key players there realize this now

      and will be jumping ship as soon as they can

      bye bye to stone and duchene at season's end


      and then melynk will try to appease everyone

      but will in fact abuse everyone

      with another self proclaimed promo video

      what a blindered goof

  14. Projected Top 300 Scorers for 2018/2019

    Little low for Horvat imo. Would love to see those seasons from Boeser and Pettersson.
  15. NFL thread

    The Lions are hashtag not good
  16. NFL thread

    Rodgers really about to win a game on one leg isn’t he?
  17. NFL thread

    Ohhhhhh no
  18. NFL thread

    And where exactly did he hit him in the head?
  19. NFL thread

    Dunlap’s 6’8” what’s he supposed to do?
  20. NFL thread

    National (Flag) Football League
  21. NFL thread

    If we had a competent owner Lewis would’ve been gone after the playoff game in 2015.
  22. NFL thread

    So what’s the difference about this hit? I’m not defending the hit, just pointing out the glaring inconsistencies.
  23. NFL thread