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  1. The Panthers are proud to add C.J. to our roster for next year. With him in our bottom 6, our projected forwards are now complete. Gaudreau Keller Kane Nelson Stepan Palmieri Bjork Kunin White Nieto Smith Stafford Hinostroza Callahan American Made. A lot of dynamic talent on our 1st line, should get lots of points from those three. 3rd line has potential, hopefully all three guys make it and Stafford gets signed to a team. Now to fill out that defense.
  2. Looking to move Trevor Daley and Cam Ward to teams with cap space. Prospects and draft picks are available.
  3. Thrilled to bring Andrew Shaw back to Minnesota. Fantastic role model for our young players, and a pillar in the community. With character guys like him and Corey Perry on our roster we really can't go wrong.
  4. Thanks, Mike. I'll take it from here. First of all, this may be the smartest signing of a General Manager in the history of this league. You guys picked a real winner here, I sincerely applaude the choice you made. So you're probably all asking yourself, what is Uncle Chael going to bring to the table? I've talked to the people of Minnesota about their team, and what they want. They say Chael, we want the team to be younger. Chael, we want the team to be faster. Chael, we want better soft serve in the stands. I'm already on the phone with the ice cream man, so what does that say about me? I'm not going to beat around the bush. I'm going to work hard as the GM of this team. I'm going to assess and push hard to find out what changes need to be made to better this team moving forward, as well as address some big questions regarding our franchise. For example, what exactly is our logo? Is it a wild animal? Is it a forest with a river running through it? These are the tough questions I'm going to find the answers to. If there's one thing you need to know about me, I'm all about making big, bold moves. I've turned small trade offers into block buster deals in the past, so you never know what will happen if you send me an offer. Our team is based in St. Paul. But you can call me St. Chael, because I'm about to work some miracles.
  5. The Panthers reassign Alex Biega and Jayson Megna to Wisconsin.
  6. This is the single biggest trade in the history of our franchise. We'd like to start off by thanking the city of Los Angeles, California. It must have been tough to let go of the greatest hockey player in the world. What an absolute honor(American Spelling) it is to bring in Patrick Kane. When all is said and done he will be the single greatest American hockey player of all time. To be able to bring him to the Panthers while still in his prime is a rare treat. The whole state of Florida is just ecstatic to have this guy here playing hockey. He's an American hero and a national treasure, he can beat up a cab driver for every point he puts up next season and we'll still stand behind this guy. Most importantly, he's going to finally end the Florida Panthers playoff drought. "She" may have "said no", but we're saying YES Welcome to Sunny Florida, #88
  7. I "busted" over this deal, which is a Florida win in itself.
  8. The Panthers are all for it.
  9. That's a wrap on the draft for The Panthers. We selected 6 American players, 5 of which who will go on to play NCAA hockey. Our draft plan going in was to restock for future depth at all positions. And I, Uncle Chael, the fearless leader, the architect behind The Team America Florida Panthers, delivered. Who we got: F: Scott Reedy - University of Minnesota Zach Solow - Northeastern University D: David Farrance - Boston University Casey Fitzgerald - Boston College (Jr year) G: Cayden Primeau - Northeastern University Dayton Rasmussen - University of Denver
  10. The Panthers select Dayton Rasmussen, from the Chicago Steel of the USHL.
  11. If you think that's bad, I had a 2 man list in the second round, and both goalies on that list went back to back right before my pick.
  12. The Panthers select Zach Solow, of the Dubuque Fighting Saints in the USHL. @oldnews
  13. The Florida Panthers have decided to buy out the contract of Marc Staal.
  14. We'd like to congratulate the Columbus Blue Jackets on becoming CDCFL Champions. Great job by @winterhawks
  15. Thanks Squeak, was supposed to be Staal.