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  1. What can we do to bring Luongo back? Perhaps we can ban all the Canucks "fans" that BOOOUONGOed him?
  2. It's a little late but congratulations for yet another series win and going to the second round. Oh how we've fallen since your departure, we don't know what's good until we lose it. I think your track record has shut up all the Canucks armchair coaches. May your victories be many.
  3. "We are all haters, we should've kept Luongo"
  4. I wish the fans didn't kick out AV. Or Luongo for that matter. Great job fans, you have destroyed the Canucks.
  5. You should be arrested for sending death threats to our players.
  6. Never change Vancouver, never change. Please, send more death threats and hate mail to our team, I am sure it boosts their morale and they appreciate it. The Canucks easily have the worst and most abusive fan base. Always looking for someone to blame. Look in the mirror if you want someone to blame. First Luongo and AV, now the Sedins. The Canucks are slowly destroying this team by giving in to pressure from the fans.
  7. Well since the "fans" chased out Roberto Luongo and Alain Vigenault, we don't have a scapegoat anymore. The "fans" that chased out our stars should look in a mirror if they want someone to blame.
  8. Another year, another advancement to the second round of the playoffs for Mr. Vigenault. I don't think we realized how good of a coach this guy was until he left. His replacements haven't been able to live up to his achievements.
  9. Luongo haters, what say you? Who is the better goalie among them? Who got to the Stanley cup finals?
  10. The gloaters and flamers? They are also known as bandwagoners.
  11. My god people, the guy scored one goal and all of a sudden he's a superstar and the OP is wrong. Does no one remember how much fail he was last year? He did jack squat and in fact, there were a couple of times where he fracked things up for the team. This seems to happen all the time. We get a fail player, a fan makes a thread outlining his fail, all the people agree with him then a few years down the line where they finally score a goal people bump back up the old thread to flame the OP about how wrong he was 5 years ago. You guys aren't much better than the so called "bandwagoners" that you hate. There was the Rome bandwagon last year... well whatever happened to that? Yea that's right. Nothing. Fail as always.