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  1. Non-CDC Based Games

    We're at about game 50 in season two. Three good teams are available. Devils Wild Leafs All three are in the playoff hunt.
  2. Non-CDC Based Games

    Hawks and Rangers are gone. NJD, NYI, OTT, PHI are still open.
  3. Non-CDC Based Games

    We are starting season 2 today. We have 6 teams available right now... Chicago New Jersey New York Rangers New York Islanders Ottawa Philadelphia The rosters are still close to original. Some of their prospects have grown, so players like Beach (CHI), McIlrath (NYR), Niederreiter (NYI), Reinhart (NYI), Strome (NYI), Puempel (OTT), Couturier (PHI) are NHL ready. Season 1... Chicago - Missed the playoffs. Got the 5th OA pick. New Jersey - Finished 4th in the East with 103 pts, out in 1st round. Got the 17th OA pick. New York I - Missed the playoffs. Got the 9th OA pick. New York R - Finished 5th in the East, made the cup final. Lost in 6 games to Dallas. Ottawa - Finished 7th in the East, swept by Pittsburgh in semi finals. Philadelphia - Missed the playoffs. Got the 12th OA pick. Players the teams drafted... Chicago - RW Elias Lindholm (79 OA) New Jersey - D Robert Hagg (78 OA) New York I - D Rasmus Ristolainen (80 OA) New York R - G Eric Comrie (72 OA) Ottawa - LW Jason Dickinson (74 OA) Philadelphia - RW Andre Burakowsky (79 OA) Come join!
  4. Non-CDC Based Games

    Just 3 teams left. The trade deadline is this week. It's a great time to join!
  5. Non-CDC Based Games

    I'm assuming he was talking to me, because I had a profile pic of Linden and McLean, and now it's gone?? I'm not sure what the problem was with it, but whatever. Can't be a Canucks and Capitals fan without having both teams in the same avatar I guess?
  6. Non-CDC Based Games

    Carolina has been taken, but still 10 teams to fill. Come on guys, join up. :D
  7. Non-CDC Based Games

    I'm the administrator (Capitals GM) Thanks for joining. I sent you a trade offer btw.
  8. Non-CDC Based Games

    Sure. Just click on the link, sign up, and the Canes are yours http://rockemsockems...s.com/index.cgi
  9. Non-CDC Based Games

    We just started a new sim league using NHL13. It's like GM mode but we use a proboards site to run it. It's more fun than GM mode because instead of trading with a computer, you trade with real people. The goal is to have a GM for all 30 teams. Right now we are at about 24. We have already started simming and things are running smoothly, but more members would be great. The way it works is... we make trades, sign UFA's, draft players, ect... Our simmer updates those transactions in his game, and sims it. He posts the scores on the site, and we run our teams based on how the sims turn out. We also have an upgrade system, so each offseason you get to pick certain players to "mature" and become better, so you can turn your favourite players into superstars. If you've never tried one of these leagues, I urge you to try it. 3 years ago a guy posted one of these on cdc, and I got hooked. It's a ton of fun, so come give it a try. You don't need to be extrememly active, we just ask that members come online once a day to check in. If you miss a day here and there it's no big deal. We have guys who come online once a day for 5 minutes, while other guys come on 20 times a day, spending hours on the site. It's being run by one of the most experienced guys around, so if you've been thinking about it for a while, this is the site to choose. Current available teams are... Chicago New Jersey New York Rangers New York Islanders Ottawa Philadelphia Give us a shot, you have nothing to lose. Here's the link... http://rockemsockems...s.com/index.cgi