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  1. Draft Lottery guru's ??

    Actually used the same site and it took 56 tries to get the Canucks winning the lottery. I think the NJ Devils won it 3 times before the Canucks came up first for me. It really could be any one of the teams in the draw, so finishing 3rd or 4th last is really not that big of a deal.
  2. linden and benning

    Babies...really...these two have probably been the most positive and professional players in NHL history over their careers. The first sign of really emotion in front of the camera and all of a sudden they are babies...give your head a shake!
  3. Take a look at our "D"

    As of today our defence is a collective -24. We have iced 10 different "D" this year so far and only 3 are a plus (Hamhuis leading the way at +7, Tanev at +4, and Fedun at +1 with only one game played). Webber is the worst at -13. Do they just not have the skill? Are our systems and team defence full of that many holes? Do our forwards not back check hard enough (isn't Horvat like -20 and Vrbata a -16)? Is the goaltending that weak? It isn't just one guy...it is a whole lot of guys.
  4. AquaMan may step in soon.

    Like some have said...it isn't like you have a line up rich with depth and/or talent here. It isn't like this is Dallas, Chicago, or even Anaheim and expectations are through the roof for a deep playoff run. WD has an aging core with lots of injuries to work through. At best, this team had an outside shot at the playoffs and never were expected to go anywhere if they did make it in. The ownership isn't going to be firing anyone at this point. Everyone was well aware that this year was a transition year and they would have to be patient.
  5. [Report] Torts Fired

    I think the orginization did the right think when they axed AV...he had run his course here and a change wasn't a bad plan. Where they screwed up was hiring an idiot like Torts in the first place. Yes they are replacing the coach for the second year in a row, but I look at it as fixing the mistake that was made last year. Lets hope that this is like fire AV, forget Torts ever happened, and hire the guy that should have been hired last year. People are talking like we have the worst group of players in the league here. It is not a coincidence the the twins, Burrows, Edler, Booth, etc. had terrible years and looked lost out there more often than not. Too many very capable players on this team were outright terrible under Tort's system. If a coach can't figure out a system for the group of players that he has so they can play to their strengths, there is a problem. Showing up with a system and expecting all the players to fit that system come hell or high water is crazy. Lets play our top guys 20+ minutes a night. Lets have our 4th line guys sit all night and then be critical when we don't look that hot with 3-4 minutes of ice time. Let throw everyone's name in a hat and switch the lines up constantly to ensure that we don't develop any chemistry. We are still a much better team than missing the playoffs by 8 points. It wasn't a soft lazy group of players that was the problem this year, it was an old school my way or the highway coach that was the problem. Torts shouldn't have ever been hired in the first place.