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  1. What rules would you change?

    No major rules need to be changed if there were more consistency from ref to ref and from game to game. Even within the same game something is a penalty in the first or second period, but not in the third or OT. If something is a penalty, then call it. Follow the rules for all players and all teams. I get tired of hearing that a penalty is called on someone because of their reputation or the type of player they are (or have been). Look at the way Burrows gets crap for repeating something on camera that a ref said during a game...not exactly fair and impartial officiating.
  2. No Hearing for Toffoli

    Wow...I have really tried hard not to buy into all the "the league is out to get us stuff", but wow!!! That is the kind of hit where a player could spend the rest of hid life in a wheelchair or even be killed. Burrows is so lucky he didn't receive a spinal cord injury from that reckless hit. How can that hit not get another look...really, how?
  3. Interesting write up on Radim Vrbata

    also going to be huge in shootouts...just saying!
  4. [Player Discussion] Corrado

        I have to agree about the injuries. The question should really be how many games will the 7th, 8th, and even 9th D-men get each when the back end start dropping like flies. Corrado will see some action with the big club for sure this year and I am sure he will continue to develop into a solid D-man. As for having a higher ceiling than Tanev...not so sure about that. Tanev is still getting better and may still have huge upside as he gets stronger and gets more minutes to work with.
  5. I watched my first live game at the Pacific Coliseum when Vancouver played St Louis. Cojo was in net and Shanahan was running around being a tool on the ice. I was down in the reds about 10 rows up and got to see Bure up close. He was on fire that night, but one play stood out...he picked the puck up behind his net and carried it through the entire blues team before going shelf on Joseph. The place went bananas. In the years since I have been lucky enough to see all the greats play...Lemieux, Gretzky, Sakic, Yzerman, Jagr (in his prime), etc., etc. There was never anyone that could hold a candle to Bure for pure entertainment value. Sure he was a goal suck at times and often shot first and passed second, but this was part of the package. He was so much better then everyone else out there that it often looked like he was having to slow down to let his team mates catch up. Was he selfish...sure maybe a bit. Was he the best team player...probably not. What I do know for sure is that I would give anything to watch him play just one more game in his prime...2 minute shifts and all. The old video clips just don't do him any justice...he may have been the most exciting player to have ever played.
  6. (Proposal) Van-Jets

    I don't see how Markstrom makes this deal any more doable for the Jets so leave him out of this deal all together. Burrows couldn't have any less trade value than he has right now. After he has a bounce back season this coming year Vancouver would be kicking themselves for including him in the deal. As for Shinkaruk and a 1st...I think we should do Shinkaruk or a 1st, not both. For an idiot like Kane I would maybe go Jensen or Gaunce, Higgins or Hansen, and a second tops. The Jets won't do this deal and Vancouver can thank their lucky stars for that.
  7. Is the NHL repeating the same mistakes?

      Shut the league down for a decade. Put that union in it's place once and for all hey...wow, do I hope you are trying to be sarcastic here. The union has agreed to a 50/50 split where players and owners both have a vested interest in growning a healthy league. Players salaries do keep going up as league revenues go up, but so does the owners profits. Sounds like this crazy union needs to be stopped alright.
  8. Canucks drafting over the years

    I liike the way you have ranked these picks and would agree for the most part. Maybe 4 out of 25 years for a great picks and 7 out of 25 for good ones is OK? I gues I am troubled by how often they have missed in that time frame. If you include Josh Holden in the bad picks group they have been missing almost every 3rd year in the first round.
  9. Canucks drafting over the years

    Bashing...no, I wouldn't say that. I would say I was making an observation for the sake of conversation. I don't think that all 1st rounders are going to be superstars or that all superstars were first rounders either. I simply think that in 25 years we missed the mark a lot more than we hit with a "real game changer". I will give you Schneider (a though a bit more average on NJ this year) and to a lesser extent Ohlund as game changers. Cody may still be that guy, but isn't yet (above average hockey IQ with below average foot speed). RJ Umberber could have been a very good Canuck (if we kept him...which is another story).
  10. Canucks drafting over the years

    Had a quick look back at what we have done with our first round pick. 1990 Shawn Antoski 18th overall 1991 Alex Stojanov 7th overall 1992 Libor Polasek 21st overall 1993 Mike Wilson 20th overall 1994 Mattias Ohlund 13th overall 1995 no 1st round pick 1996 Josh Holden 12th overall 1997 Brad Ference 10th overall 1998 Brian Allen 4th overall 1999 Daniel and Henrik Sedin 2nd and 3rd 2000 Nathan Smith 23rd overall 2001 R.J. Umberger 16th overall 2002 no 1st round pick 2003 Ryan Kesler 23rd overall 2004 Cory Schneider 26th overall 2005 Luc Bourdon 10th overall 2006 Michael Grabner 14th overall 2007 Patrick White 25th overall 2008 Cody Hodgson 10th overall 2009 Jordon schroeder 22nd overall 2010 no 1st round pick 2011 Nicklas Jensen 29th overall 2012 Brendan Gaunce 26th overall 2013 Bo Horvat 9th and Hunter Shinkaruk 24th overall 2014 ???? Different GMs, different scouts, etc., but wow...we sure drafted some terrible players with our first pick over the years. Other than the Sedin's and Kesler we haven't really drafted a real game changer in 25 years (recent few years still to be seen). Here's hoping for this year.
  11. Should Canucks attempt to Tradeup for Sam Reinhart?

    I like this deal...unfortunately Florida would not. They aren't going to move the first over all for the 6th pick in a draft that is 3-4 deep in blue chip prospects and a decent 2nd pairing D-man.
  12. Should Canucks attempt to Tradeup for Sam Reinhart?

    That's pretty funny....
  13. [Report] Torts Fired

    I think the orginization did the right think when they axed AV...he had run his course here and a change wasn't a bad plan. Where they screwed up was hiring an idiot like Torts in the first place. Yes they are replacing the coach for the second year in a row, but I look at it as fixing the mistake that was made last year. Lets hope that this is like fire AV, forget Torts ever happened, and hire the guy that should have been hired last year. People are talking like we have the worst group of players in the league here. It is not a coincidence the the twins, Burrows, Edler, Booth, etc. had terrible years and looked lost out there more often than not. Too many very capable players on this team were outright terrible under Tort's system. If a coach can't figure out a system for the group of players that he has so they can play to their strengths, there is a problem. Showing up with a system and expecting all the players to fit that system come hell or high water is crazy. Lets play our top guys 20+ minutes a night. Lets have our 4th line guys sit all night and then be critical when we don't look that hot with 3-4 minutes of ice time. Let throw everyone's name in a hat and switch the lines up constantly to ensure that we don't develop any chemistry. We are still a much better team than missing the playoffs by 8 points. It wasn't a soft lazy group of players that was the problem this year, it was an old school my way or the highway coach that was the problem. Torts shouldn't have ever been hired in the first place.
  14. [Report] Pat Quinn open to joining Canucks

        Maybe even as a number 5 or 6 D-man
  15. [Report] Pat Quinn open to joining Canucks

        Yes Time will tell and no thanks Love Quinn, always have, but his days as a coach are in the rear view mirror.