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  1. Groce. Whats the difference between that and assisting in a violent crime. Every person that died they should tack on life. She wouldn't and shouldn't survive prison.
  2. Op, jake is very quick on his feet. Virt is the better long term pick.
  3. Ben Hutton 3-2 calgary
  4. Record 37-33-12 top scorers h sedin 75 d sedin 71 loui 65 boho 57
  5. They lost. Gj on loss. Reason leafs are doing it well is they have sucked for over 10 years hard. 3 and 4 seasons ago we won our division, 5 seasons ago we were in finals. How do you expect to get great draft picks when your making playoffs? Its illogical.
  6. 2016-17 mtr van cal edm to ott
  7. Such a good gm. Took skill to get eichel.
  8. I agree with the decisions made. Etems best highlight is still his rush with anaheim. Thats what we wanted and expected and he never brought that to the table.
  9. Elliot reminds me of osgood. But osgood was frequently bailed out by maybe the best team in since gretz on oilers. lidstrom, yzerman, datsuk ect.
  10. The last season ended way to fkn fast for me.
  11. I love this guy. Ps thanks for getting me out of jail.
  12. But obomber can say n word cause hes black right.
  13. No jets have exclusive rights with tsn.
  14. Why is etem on your roster lol.
  15. Sure we'll bite. What about after La or after st louis. Chose yank teams every time.