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  1. My bad senator. Guess he had no say or control of anything in his home state. Will give him pass.
  2. To be fair, they have an election in november and one main candidate (Trump) is anti establismment. This is why trump is almost now at 50-50 with hildog. Even though they have the ability to form armed rebellion they are still clearly civilized enough to attempt democracy. Should hilary win then we may see alot more clashing between zombies and patriots.
  3. This. Kanes asking price would be likely at least tanev + pick
  4. This. Trumps a dick but sometimes you need a good dick to screw the pussycats and donkeyholes
  5. This is truth. Sign any other player and its a new jersey for sale. Now you only have the peoplewho cant live through the different number.
  6. Heaven forbid you have to earn your contract
  7. Yea I predict that also. Height is most important stat from those two when drafting, you can always fill out a large frame (As long as you can afford high quantities of high quality calories). I am super excited for our back end, I have always been an ass guy.
  8. I am on perennial Dale Weise Support Team. One of my fav all time Canucks, was such a awesome guy and totally underused by some dick named john tortorella
  9. I could actually believe this
  10. he will. First time in NHL career that he plays in a town that cares about hockey. He will be amped.
  11. I hope Tavares never leaves NYI. And as a Leaf fan if I was I would much prefer Tavares to Stamkos.
  12. and free agency is done for Canucks 3 seconds past 9am. Haven't watched enough of eriksson to know but if he's anything like the yearly soft euro we seem to attract I am disappointed
  13. This. What happens if ontario or bc raises tax rates? Do they adjust cap on the fly during the season?
  14. To everyone saying esmonton was tampering. LA kings already granted permission for lucic to talk to 29 other team. This is unlike stamkos who was in contract negotiation talks with tampa. Subban you could always discuss as hes a signed player and the discussion revolved around trade not ufa.
  15. Um. The only reason we want our defense to be better then Oilers specifically is mcdavid. Oilers having defense only a bit below ours would then tip scales for oilers as their forwards (should) dramatically our perform ours.