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  1. The kid's real cool 'brise'.
  2. He needs Utica bad. Only a stint in Utica can get his mind right, nothing short of that will do the trick. He has done zip to earn his spot. Time to get fair with the youngster and send his ass to the AHL.
  3. Utica desperately needs forwards, it's a looming disaster . We have to claim him and get hi m down there
  4. Does his name really mean 'apples' in Latvian?
  5. So Trump has laid out his plan for his first hundred days in office. Check it out if you're interested: You'll find the whole thing at the bottom of this page:
  6. The mass media is a very powerful tool they hold in their arsenal. It should prove to be the decisive weapon for them; if it turns out not to be it just goes to show what an absolutely atrocious candidate Hilary Clinton really is that she could not win with all of the advantages she holds over an outsider. The media, from what I've gathered has bludgeoned Trump relentlessly since this thing kicked off. It's a shamed that so many are so misinformed about her record, as a relentless interventionist and warmonger in the third world among other things. Mass media programming is practically impossible to penetrate.
  7. The rumor been out there for a few days now that tape #3 has some really tough racist material from Hillary on it. We'll be sure to get it up over here first thing.