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  1. LOL. And of Gaunce somehow saves a player from injury is he a Gaunce of prevention?
  2. Yet we talk about the year long grind and how it shortens careers all the time here, especially lately. I don't blame the kid of course, he's part of a culture, but it a self destructive mindset I think. And I did wonder if might be hurt when I saw him out there honestly.
  3. I still think I would prefer he not play in these kinds of summer evaluation competitions with a sore hip. Let it heal, it's going to be a long career. Chronic problems with his hip is something he doesn't need.
  4. I don't love the idea of him playing through an injury in this.
  5. I hate to steer the topic back toward Olli Juolevi but does anyone here know why he isn't with team Finland at the summer showcase?
  6. Heads up - today's Canada vs Finland tournament game is on TSN 2 starting 9 pst.

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    2. RetroCanuck


      They said Juolevi's a lock and that its better for him to just train this summer. He's already been to 2-3 of these tournaments so they deemed it unnecessary.

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      lind and pettersson both had an assist yesterdsay. we should see dipietro tomorrow.

    4. Robert Long

      Robert Long

      not playing OJ in this is fine. Why risk an injury for a nothing showcase for him?

  7. Not impressive at all. Lias Andersson and Timothy Liljegren were the standouts today. One game of course though folks -- let's not panic
  8. Chaput was a better, more reliable option at the fourth line center spot ;last year. Gaunce was mainly a lw, his skating isn't as big a detriment on the wing as it is at center. I would also include Gagne, Granlund and Burmistrov in the better options than Gaunce in the fourth line center spot camp.
  9. I don't either Alf. Too much competition for too few spots. Not enough giddyup in those legs. He does seem like a really nice guy though; you can see why folks around here like to root for him.
  10. Ladies bech volleyball is on TSN 2 now.


    Just sayin' ^_^

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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Do you even spike bra?

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Blame being a motorcycle rider, I like to hug curves. ;)

    4. luckylager


      Nah brah, but I bump the bech @Tre Mac

  11. I'd say he's probably one more demotion to the AHL away from going back to the KHL,. I hope it doesn't happen .
  12. Incredibly he seems to be the most popular player on this forum.
  13. I agree. He's one of our more underrated prospects I would say. I think he makes the team out of camp. No more AHL.
  14. A one way deal similar to the one Chaput got might be fair. He would be an impact player in Utica and he does have a chance to make the Canucks out of camp as well.
  15. A one year two way deal seems fair to me.