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  1. Negatives? Him? That's just bizarre, that guy is a workhorse around here.
  2. Really gutsy shorthanded effort. We deserved better I thought, Martin Jones was huge for them. The Labate hit really got the Sharks going.
  3. 'Rull good' X 2!!
  4. You should have heard the Moj on TSN 1040. He went bonkers for Subban!
  5. Is anyone else playing the Louie DeBrusk 'rull good" drinking game tonight? Every time Louie says "rull good" the contestant takes a drink. I'm taking bong hits myself, but still playing along in my own way.
  6. Lol, Donny was patiently trying to explain to the Moj why McEneny was more prepared to play defense in the NHL than Subban is right now right now and the Moj was banging his head against the wall in frustration, it was actually entertaining to listen too. I haven't listen to 1040 in quite a while but was was good radio right there.
  7. The Moj wasn't a happy camper when he heard McEneny got the call. The Moj wanted Subban!
  8. Wow, the local media sure does love them some Jordan Subban eh lol!
  9. Yep. His cap friendliness made him a highly sought after commdity for contending teams.
  10. I .like the Red Wing end of this deal. A third ain't too shabby.
  11. Let's be Sellers!
  12. Who needs a no trade clause when you have the mumps!
  13. Grenier was recalled along with Evan McEneny today and with the mumps outbreak it sounds like Utica could be stripped bare.