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  1. Good one Chip -- you've registered a winner!
  2. I love this trade for us, never did like Shink at all. Ryan Hartman was my pick that year, Shink reminded me, then and now, of Zach Boychuk.
  3. Sure, it's about time we put a claim in. We lack organizational depth, Teddy couldn't hurt. Contract expires this year at $1.6 we can handle it.
  4. The moderators over there don't seem to care for Vancouver, it's team, or the team's fans very much in my experience. Or maybe it's personal, who knows? I know they get rattled, and very upset when fire is returned their way.
  5. I was just relieved to see the helmet stay on his head, it might have saved his life there. He wears it kind of loose on his head like many players choose to do, and the NHL chooses to allow. As for the hit, I thought it was vicious, predatory, and clean.
  6. I guess Biega finally gets some games now. He's bound to be rusty having played only one game, and at forward at that. I'm curious to see how he fares, especially early on.
  7. You're too kind Jon, stop it now..
  8. * I forgot to mention, this anti Trump protest was staged in front of the new Trump building right here in Vancouver.
  9. I'm well familiar with Dan Dicks. He is actually a local Vancouver guy. I thought it intewresting someone local was talking about Soros. Thought I post the video.
  10. Interesting short film on George Soros and his plans for Canada from Canadian journalist Dan Dicks.
  11. I don't like their silly Ontario accents. Everytime I tune into TSN I want to vomit in my mouth a little.
  12. How do you like them Apples!
  13. Let Strome go bust somewhere else.
  14. Anything called Reinhart comes with a built in bust factor of a very high value.
  15. Let us pray it does. Worst rumor in internet history.