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  1. I have no idea what's keeping that staff employed. If there's an American that can't play it seems like they'll always find him.
  2. The right call, but I'm surprised to see the arm go up.
  3. They don't have that much to tear down. All those bad draft years have kept piling up.
  4. Eaves laid a head on shot on Talbot there for good measure.
  5. Boarding apparently isn't in the rulebook anymore, you just never see that call anymore. But you see the infraction multiple times a game. Teams would be two men short all the time if they played this way thirty years ago;l
  6. The irony of these white residents of Canada complaining about this is lost on them apparently. The obvious place for these people is their indigenous homeland in Europe. I don't know how some of them can sleep at night.
  7. They hated to do that, the reluctance was palpable there.
  8. Refs have changed the momentum of this game. That's impact playoff officiating right there.
  9. Just keep putting them on the pp, they're bound to score eventually.
  10. The Finn Heiskenen has replace Lijegren on most lists. Swapped places so to speak.
  11. To me he has a similar pedigree and playing style to Hampus Lindholm. The guy that caught McDavid from behind tonight, their minute logger,.
  12. How did Getzlaf get away with that hold. McDavid was in cold if he did didn't grab him.