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  1. I never caught an Abbott broadcast but I'll probably crash the Batchelor party eventually.
  2. Here's one for all the Alex Jones fans here. I know there are a lot of you in this thread
  3. I remember people here didn't think the Oilers should trade Taylor Hall for him straight up. I never quite understood why not. Excellent contract for the Blues.
  4. I have Lind at 7 as well.
  5. Yes. I posted both articles in fact. It seems the opium fields of Afghanistan are being turned over to the private sector. Ghastly. This thread needs at least one two way player. That's me I guess.
  6. Supporting non interventionism in the US election. Scan the previous 1715 or so pages and you'll see what I mean. My entire interest in this was non intervention. One issue and Trump just delivered on it. I can go home now!
  7. ^^^ I can't help but feel a little vindicated here. Was it worth it? Damned right it was!
  8. I hope this ranking goes more than ten deep. I think we have at least fifteen guys who are pretty legit NHL prospects. Exciting times.
  9. It has to be Lind now. Clearly.
  10. I just want to savor this article like a rare bottle of vintage wine. God this feels good!
  11. Bingo. This thread reeks of bipolar American style politics with everyone falling into one camp or the other and no center.. It actually reminds me of an old CNN program called Crossfire where the host would introduce so and so 'on the left' and 'so and so' on the right and they would both adopt the most extreme positions and completely forsake the middle ground. No room for nuance. It's more akin to backing your team than having a real discussion. It's kind of a waste of time really.
  12. There was quite a lot of bias, and probably some factual inaccuracy in the written article around the analysis.The rush to connect Soros appears to be incorrect, according to an alternative news source that I at least trust. It seems the possible link is to the Atlantic Council. As to the analysis itself, well, no one has come forward to debunk it. I'd actually like to see more qualifierss attached to some of the stuff posted here, especially from editorializing sources like CNN. She had gotten that information from the founder of Disobedient Media, William Craddick. However, Craddick’s assumption that Soros was involved in this particular operation is not supported by any evidence he links to or otherwise cites. Craddick’s article, which was published back on 5 April 2017, “Cyber Firm Behind “Russian Hacking” Claims Has Ties To Soros-Supported Think Tank”, simply assumed that the Atlantic Council was a Soros operation. The actual fact is that the Atlantic Council is far bigger than Soros or any other single billionaire who backs it. And, all that Craddick actually shows is that the cyber firm behind the ‘Russian hacking’ claims has ties to the Atlantic Council. That’s a very big difference: this was, in fact, a NATO-connected operation, not merely an operation by one billionaire who is behind NATO. The Atlantic Council is the main PR agency for NATO; it actually was set up in 1961 by founders and associates of NATO for that very purpose. So, to mention Soros’s name as the alleged source for this particular smear-Russia operation is a big mistake, and is importantly misleading. If Soros has had anything to do with this operation (‘Russiagate’), then neither Craddick nor his Disobedient Media has, as of yet, presented any evidence of it. For them to not only state such a connection in their ‘news’ story, but to headline that ‘news’ report with “Soros” instead of with “NATO,” is irresponsible, a major error on their part, especially because their ‘news’ report provided no evidence for that allegation, and also because Craddick and his website appear to be tragically ignorant of the most fundamental fact about the Atlantic Council — its being NATO’s chief propaganda-arm. Russiagate isn’t merely a fraud and a smear by the Democratic Party; it is a fraud and a smear by NATO. NATO represents the entire U.S. aristocracy — not merely that aristocracy’s Democratic Party contingent, but both contingents (and certainly not just one billionaire, such as Soros). In order to understand the historical origin of this operation, I have explained that here. In order to understand the economic interests that are behind it, I’ve explained that here. ... nc/5599665