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  1. We've sort of been retooling while trying to remain competitive though, not a full on commitment to a comprehensive rebuild. Hopefully this signals a total commitment to a rebuild. We need it desperately.
  2. He said the 'R' word eh. I guess Willes' column was on the money then. Mr Aquilini has endorsed a full rebuild, at least for now. We'll see how patient he'll be.
  3. Thanks for posting this @Rush17
  4. I can't stand Tim and Sid, they drive me around the bend with their Torontocentrism and their basketball jones.
  5. I guess simulcasting some tv casts is a possibility but I hadn't really considered that. I can see the old Rogers connection (and a lucrative payday) luring Taylor back home to Rogers, perhaps Rintoul and B-Mac as well. Don Taylor is really the only guy worth poaching there, I can see Brad Fay coming home from Toronto to do a radio gig, perhaps some other guys from the Rogers tv side. How about Mornings With Irf and Murph (I actually coined the Irf and Murph handle here on the forum and it gravitated over to the network from here believe it or not). What I really hope they do, as I mentioned earlier, is bring in some real hockey people from out of market. We really don't have anyone like that around here.
  6. You should hand in your crystal ball then if that's what you see. Too much doom and gloom. Realistically the Canucks' rights guarantees Rogers the largest share of the market. Whoever the talkers are is secondary to that really. If the buffoons at TSN 1040 think they're the show by themselves then they're in for a rude awakening.
  7. Yeah, that's the whole problem with the Vancouver sports media in a nutshell; nobody knows a damned thing about the game they're trying to cover and it's painfully obvious. This problem has been endemic to the market going back to the sixties and it creates a stupidity bubble that contaminates the discourse in town. I'm a broken record on this but Grant Kerr of Canadian Press newswire service is the only hockey expert that has ever worked in the Vancouver market, and that was in the sixties and seventies. We simply don't have a Millard/Loubardias hockey expert type working here locally, I really think we should import a couple of them for the new station. Try something different.
  8. You can always listen to Vancouver radio online or via cable though I think. At least you always could. Check around for that.
  9. Gutsy writeup by Willes, gotta give credit when it's do. I just hope he's correct about Mr Aquilini finally getting out of the way and letting the hockey department do it's job. For the team let's hope this is a new era in that respect.
  10. I'd like to see Taylor, along with maybe BMac and Rintoul make the move to Rogers and TSN fill with Russell and and The Moj in the afternoon and Pratt and Botchford in the morning. That;'d be the perfect good guy/bad guys scenario.
  11. The Fan 650 Vancouver is my guess.
  12. I'm hoping Donny goes back to Rogers. He really isn't a TSN guy. I always thought that was a weird fit for Taylor.
  13. I don't know who they are but I'd be all for hiring them then and putting them on air. What we have now is pathetic. Something like the Pipeline Show here would be great. Bringing in hockey nerds like Loubardias and Millard is what I'm thinking.
  14. They know the city but not the game. I'd prefer the opposite given a choice.