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  1. Rap Battle - China vs USA:
  2. Rap Battle - India vs China:
  3. I never caught an Abbott broadcast but I'll probably crash the Batchelor party eventually.
  4. Here's one for all the Alex Jones fans here. I know there are a lot of you in this thread
  5. I remember people here didn't think the Oilers should trade Taylor Hall for him straight up. I never quite understood why not. Excellent contract for the Blues.
  6. I have Lind at 7 as well.
  7. Yes. I posted both articles in fact. It seems the opium fields of Afghanistan are being turned over to the private sector. Ghastly. This thread needs at least one two way player. That's me I guess.
  8. Supporting non interventionism in the US election. Scan the previous 1715 or so pages and you'll see what I mean. My entire interest in this was non intervention. One issue and Trump just delivered on it. I can go home now!
  9. ^^^ I can't help but feel a little vindicated here. Was it worth it? Damned right it was!
  10. I hope this ranking goes more than ten deep. I think we have at least fifteen guys who are pretty legit NHL prospects. Exciting times.
  11. It has to be Lind now. Clearly.
  12. I just want to savor this article like a rare bottle of vintage wine. God this feels good!