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  1. A prayer to Yahya Yohna in Mandaic with baptismal:
  2. paragraph
  3. The Leafs are bringing back their early sixties sweater though; it's a classic.
  4. Well if Vice thinks we suck i'd say that's not such a bad thing. They're a bunch of twats.
  5. There were three albums; Let It Bleed; Sticky Fingers; Exile On Main Street. And that's it!
  6. Mandean-Sabean; Assyrian COTE and Syriac Orthodox East Syriac; West Syriac; Yezidi-Yazdan; Marsh Arab.
  7. The Rangers just got a lot more annoying.
  8. You really have to admire the creativity of the twisted, pretzeled logic of today's dedicated modern Western globalist. Your government and a host of others deliberately destroy one of the oldest civilizations on the planet -- cricket noises. The refugees from this conflict, included among them terrorists, flee the land to settle in your country in the hundreds of thousands -- and this becomes something to admire of your leader and, even, an indication of the 'tolerance' of your country toward the homeland of the refugees.
  9. The Islamic state provides dhimmi status for non believing peoples of the book The interpretation of this is up to each state to determine. Always though, certain restrictions are placed upon the dhimmis, payment of the jizya is almost universal.