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  1. I'd say he's probably one more demotion to the AHL away from going back to the KHL,. I hope it doesn't happen .
  2. Quite a disconnect here between the locals and the people that actually watch all of the Comets games on Subban. I'll take the Utica perspective all day obviously.
  3. I'd say there is very little chance of losing Pedan on waivers in fact.
  4. Incredibly he seems to be the most popular player on this forum.
  5. I agree. He's one of our more underrated prospects I would say. I think he makes the team out of camp. No more AHL.
  6. Gadjovich Dipietro Lockwood Molino Chattfield McEneny Labate Subban Rathbone Holm
  7. I'd like to go twenty deep with this myself. Fifteen is going to leave a couple of very good prospects out. I can't believe what I just said. wow.
  8. It must have just been an oversight on the part of the thread starter. He's definitely a strong candidate to sneak into the top twenty. I would rate him ahead of twelve guys on that list.
  9. It came down to choosing between Gadjovich and Dipietro for ,me and I decided to go with Gadjovich although I guess the thread starter locked this one pretty quickly this time unfortunately. Short window of opportunity. Brisebois and Lockwood were considerations too;.
  10. Rap Battle - China vs USA:
  11. Rap Battle - India vs China:
  12. I never caught an Abbott broadcast but I'll probably crash the Batchelor party eventually.