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  1. [Discussion] Jokipakka anyone?

    I'm mildly surprised to see him still siting out there but as @Rob_Zepp pointed out we already have eight here that you'd probably seed ahead of him going into camp.
  2. CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #17

    Molino again.
  3. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | C

    LOL. And of Gaunce somehow saves a player from injury is he a Gaunce of prevention?
  4. Redo: 2009 NHL Entry Draft - #15

    Same as last time - Silfverberg and nominating Craig Smith
  5. Trump has done exactly one thing since coming into office that garnered broad bipartisan support from congress and near unanimous editorial support from the US media and that is bomb Syria. He was a great president that day.
  6. Yes, lol. You have to say it's taken bucket fulls of nerve to move NATO right to the Russian border after the Gorbachev/Bush agreement. They seem to have that in spades. Our new friend @entheogenetix might even call it chutzpah . I'd call it flirting with ww3 myself.
  7. CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #16

    A Shrimp Worters reference. Voted up!
  8. Let's Be Patient, eh?

    Getting skunked at five straight drafts under Gillis' regime hasn't helped much either.
  9. Okay then. Nice meeting you pal.
  10. Let's Be Patient, eh?

    They have to be ready to actually play though right. You're just cannibalizing the young if they aren't.
  11. A little. What's on your mind?