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  1. Well when you basically no show at the draft for 5-6 straight years like we did....not many?
  2. I would kind of like to see us start the season looking similar to this. I wouldn't necessarily want to heap a heavy load of responsibility on Boeser too early myself. Baertchi Horvat Eriksson Sedin Sedin Goldobin Granlund Sutter Boeser UFA energy guy Chaput Dorsett
  3. That's what I thought too. If looks like it's 13 forwards, 7 defense and 3 goalies. Unlikely we'll lose a player in that scenario.
  4. Well Colorado is finishing in last place for a reason. They're half assing player development just like you'd expect the league doormat would.
  5. I liked the video and I like to plus people for participating in the music threads as encouragement generally.
  6. Old Jimmy Roberts. Played for Scotty Bowman in Montreal and St Louis. Forward and defense.
  7. Trading Tanev would certainly expedite the tank. So there's that to like about it I guess. Deal is a straight fleecing for Toronto. Really bad. Not good.
  8. Intermission. Everybody do the Hand Jive with Way Out Willie now!
  9. I see a few people in here have actually had the pleasure of meeting Willie and nobody even thought to ask him to give them some hand jive. I know if I met Willie D the first thing out of my mouth would be 'hey Willie, gimme some hand jive'. Moments like that are what livin' is all about aren't they?
  10. Indeed. We're about do aren't we.
  11. This is grueling business for the fans almost as much as it is for the team. Nights like this are what defines the hard core fan from the fair weather follower.
  12. Yeah I noticed him out there just after I posted. Thanks though.
  13. Has Joe LaBate returned from that stick in the head? If he has I haven't noticed. *okay there he is.
  14. Old Miller earning his keep tonight. it's a shooting gallery out there.