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  1. According to Ian Mendes there's no buzz in the city for the playoffs at all. It's complete deadsville apparently.
  2. I remember when Tiger Williams was playing he used to call Carlyle 'Kitty'. Once when Tiger hit Carlyle in the head with his stich he said :Carlyle should have been wearing a helmet. Is he trying to get a shampoo commercial'? lol
  3. Just heard Frieman say Darling is a pending UFA. A steep price for a short window to sign a backup goalie I'd say.
  4. Eddie was made for Vegas though
  5. The pre expansion maneuvering begins.
  6. Agreed. But apparently this individual did actually have to remove his Star Trek license plate. Only in Canada.
  7. I also grew up with native friends. Indians, they called themselves in fact. And they have no use for this sensitive white person stuff, it obviously a huge pile of manure. If the white man wants to help natives stop importing hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year and overpopulating everywhere.. They hate that $&!#.
  8. LOL Seriously, that's perfect. Beam me up Scotty, I need off of this stinking rock. The inhabitants bug me.
  9. Well, I can't argue with you there. The ex used to make me watch a lot of tv that I didn't care for, the endless Trek sequels being just one example I'm afraid.
  10. That wasn't very nice Herr Doctor. Really.
  11. That's an interesting process. Almost as if all the peoples of the hemisphere had, em,assimilated
  12. Well so far the sister in law is the only actual native Indian to weigh in on the topic here. I think I'll take her second hand opinion before that of anyone else here for now.
  13. I believe one of the southwestern pueblo tribes. Hopi perhaps?
  14. I think the Trek editorial position was decidedly anti assimilationist. It was a very socially enlightened tv series. In fact I'd wager that if they were ever to produce another sequel the next captain will be a tranny.