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  1. I live in Calgary and would rather eat sh!t than ever cheer for the Flames.
  2. Could probably keep on the hockey topic . . . . There are just as many thick skulls on this board as any. I was born and raised in BC and would rather live in Calgary than Vancouver any day, alway happy to get out of Van as fast as possible. But doesn't mean I won't support the provincial team. And the BC drivers are just as bad . . . .
  3. Not trying to say he is like Pavel Bure, but that jump he gets with the puck gets you out of your seat in a Bure-esque way.
  4. Virtanen with clutch tying goal
  5. 2 on 1 goal from highlight reel Virtanen 2 on 1:
  6. Beauty 2 on 1 goal by Jake to tie it up
  7. They are not booing Jake, they are booing the refs. Surprised you could hear anything from the crowd anyways, lowest attendance in ages.
  8. Would it begin with I know you are, but what am i?
  9. Was a 2-0 breakout with Helgesen, gets the pass which moved Hoflin, then threw it back for Helgesen to put it in the net.
  10. Couldn't even sell out the arena and try to call yourselves "Hockeyville"??? Hmmmm
  11. Nice to see the whole team not have much for penalties, it would have been a five game series if not for the penalty trouble.
  12. Now that is why there is nothing to worry about with Jake. No goals in the series, he could have tried to get the goal on the 2-0 with Helgesen, but feeds is back and gets another assist.
  13. Born and raised in BC. Only team I still hold onto after being in Alberta for almost 12 years. (Stuck with Lions for a bit while living in Fort McMurray, but Stamps all the way now!!) So now I root for the Canucks, Hitmen, Stampeders, and Roughnecks!! :-)
  14. Junior hockey exactly, guy who scores #5 gives up the pucks to make it 5-2!
  15. That's easy, the coach is no good. Same crap as the line juggling with Virtanen, lazy lines after goals setting up for a 2spot, and some of the systems he set up. Luckily he cleaned up a bit mid season, and got some help, as the Hitmen were looking like absolute crap in the front end.