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  1. Gary Lupul
  2. jiri slegr?
  3. is that steve anthony? lol he totally got ignored during that trade haha Aaron Rome
  4. Brendan Gaunce
  5. btw the ride isn't over . I'm riding it over to Florida. I'm a Luongo fan
  6. im done with this stupid team. why don't you trade everyone else too does it even matter anymore
  7. its hard to belleive , but then u think about it. omfg im going insane Luongo was the reason I started watching hockey now hes gone . im gonna go cry now.
  8. does it even matter anymore
  9. could Lack have backed down and give the start to Luongo if he really wanted to?
  10. all he cares about is the two points? Then we should bench tortorella too because that's our best chance at getting any points.
  11. I was going to make this same thread. i'm really pissed at what torts did
  12. either you have problems or you did not watch any of the games.
  13. i'm done with this bullsh*t. tortorella sucks.
  14. i'm starting to lose respect. and its going down fast