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  1. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    On the Fantasy page they have a link "2013 Refresh" if you go there you can hit on a link "contact us" to let them know of any problems. Ha. Ive tried numerous times and never got one reply back. None of the issues have been fix. I to have none of my points recorded for thier last game bigbee65. I second your plee for 2010-11 version tacoma fan but my feelings it falls on def ears.
  2. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Does anyone think they care enough to try and fix these problems, or are we stuck with another season of a pathedic Canucks Hockey Pool?
  3. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Im checking leader board out, this porkandbeans is in the lead. his points dont add up? For Feb he has 215, the Van Chi game he got 31 points that meant he had to get 184 points on the Van Ed game. The most you can get by having every player that game ( no cap ) was 161.5 and he is in the lead???? And AGAIN I sent it to there contact page, maby just mayby I might get a reply back.