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    Sam Gagner | C/W

    Friedman has gotten so bad in the last couple years. Just goes for cheap negative headlines because someone in every fan base will always be pissed off by a move. How is Gags getting waived somehow the fault of the Canucks? He's looked like a steaming turd for over a year. They tried to trade him, no one wanted him so he got waived. Then they went out of their way to put him in a position to find another NHL home. Whether he's a swell guy doesn't matter one bit.
  2. I suspect Goldy gets the spot with Bo and Brock and Leipsic plays with Virtanen. Those two seem to have some real chemistry and are speedy as hell.
  3. He played centre in the SHL for a good chunk of the season, just not to start. Once injuries began he slotted in to play C. Not surprising since he played on the first line of a stacked SHL team. If you have a good, veteran centreman, you're going to make sure he takes draws. Particularly when his biggest contribution to offense is just getting it to the kid that scores nonstop. Even when playing wing, Elias played much more like a centre driving play and distributing the puck from the middle of the ice.
  4. He means Twitter. Sweden and hockey fans lost their mind during his season and it crashed a bunch of Twitter servers.
  5. Have been to both with some pretty well off folks. New York could not hang but it's Moscow's seedy, anything-for-a-price culture that really makes that the case. I can guarantee you that is not a good thing when looking for a place to live. It's also kind of comical what rich Moscow residents consider fun or interesting. Usually it's just kind of trashy and ghetto but done with more gold plated or heavily branded equipment.
  6. He's so productive on offense because his opponents rarely have the puck. His +/- was the best in the entire SHL during both the regular and post seasons. In the playoffs he was only on the ice for 2 goals against...and 19 goals for. He backchecks hard and will initiate contact. Despite his low weight he still has the balance and hands to get the puck off his check effectively. His hockey IQ also allows him to turn a defensive play into a scoring opportunity with regularity. He'll do things like stop up to close down a passing lane, often selling that he's going to glide through the lane until his opponent passes. Then he suddenly stops, snags the puck and he's gone the other way. Got an unreasonable amount of breakaways from reading the play incredibly well which boosted his 5 on 5 numbers immensely relative to last year where he did much less scoring without the man advantage.
  7. Hot take but not one I am inclined to disagree with one bit. Definitely seemed like JB was (rightly) very high on PLD
  8. Maybe because Gagner isn't a superior offensive option to anyone.
  9. Sure there are exceptional players who are simply better than more developed prospects. But Svech and Zadina are not those guys. They have nothing close to the record-breaking cred of Pettersson and Tolvanen. Dahlin may truly be something special but as a defensemen he'll struggle to catch attention when rookie forwards start scoring 3x as many points as him.
  10. Shiny new toy syndrome. No matter how good Dahlin, Svech and Zadina are I fully expect Pettersson, Mittelstadt and Tolvanen to be miles ahead of them with an extra year of development under their belts.
  11. Part of the issue with PCS/pGPS, and therefore CA since they derive a lot of their views from those "player comparability" metrics, is that the USHL is really starting to churn out quality talent with regularity which was previously not the case. CA also laid a giant egg on Brock Boeser for the exact same reason: I don't begrudge CA for using these models as heavily as they do given their limited resources. They even regularly acknowledge that the lack of comparables in certain leagues (Allsvenskan, MHL, USHL, Finnish Jr Liiga) is a big hole in their predictions. Yet they never outright discount the results of those models. At most they will say "Well a player could be slightly worse/better than PCS predicts" and I think that's a matter of pride. From what I've seen of many of their writers, that's not something I expect to change any time soon.
  12. What was he going to do? Fight the door to the bench? Come on...
  13. Thanks. Knew about the latter but not the former.