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  1. Ah yes, the CBC. Truly the cornerstone of liberal agenda. This is how sea level rise works in relation to temperature: exponentially not linearly. There is a positive feedback loop here. CO2 increases temperature which releases methane (a much more potent greenhouse gas) from permafrost. The exponential curve doesn't go on forever but because of the feedback mechanism, the stockpile on greenhouse gases in permafrost must be exhausted before the loop ends. This means sea level rise doesn't stop until about the 2500s, at which point sea level rise (in meters) will be in the mid-double digits.
  2. Given what Chia got for Hall, I think the Kesler math only continues to look better and JB should be celebrated for what he's pulled off.
  3. Arresting someone for this is bizarre and I highly doubt this is something that needs to get the state involved. There just isn't a public interest in pursuing this as a criminal case. However, the customer has every right to sue the business (generally speaking, if someone screws up at their job, it's the company that is liable not the employee). Tort law requires businesses take customers "as they are" so the customer has a very good case to sue and be awarded damages. There may be some apportioning of guilt like 10% to the customer and 90% to the business but it's not as though there is anything egregious here that would cause the judge to force one party to pay the other's legal fees.
  4. Yeah, pretty certain this is just Chayka being a noob GM. We have gotten so lucky with Chia going to Edmonton and Chayka in AZ.
  5. It's not hard to claim responsibility for atrocities when those who committed them are dead. As for ISIS or any other foe, you need to come to grips with some realities in the world that your cushy life and questionable faculty for empathy have failed to bring to your attention. Primarily, you can't kill them all. You haven't seen small children growing up hating those who killed parents that they never met. You haven't seen how dramatically the death of neighbours and distant relatives by a militarily superior force mobilizes those who previously had no radical leanings. This isn't a war of religion, it's a war of sentiment. Create a jobs program so young, Parisian Muslim men don't spend their entire time sitting around being pissed at the man because they can't get a job or leave their crummy neighbourhoods. Train local forces to fight for themselves and let them decide what is right, what they should fight for, and spread that sentiment to their neighbours. People do not stop fighting because they don't want to die. For young men in particular, death is both something they do not know, and therefore cannot fear, and is a simple solution to their complicated lives. Fighting for something and maybe dying is the easiest way to declare a purpose in one's life. It's a hell of a lot easier than figuring out how you are going to create a family, build a community and do so in a way that is rewarding to you. Young men are stupid and they go to war because it is easy. The only reason they stop is when they are ashamed. When they must question if their desire to fight outweighs the disapproval of their friends and family. Shame will end this war and only the militants' own communities can provide that shame. But they will never provide anything but support until we stop giving them reasons (however unjustified they may be) to continue providing that support.
  6. Don't know why you're laughing and being sarcastic. That's pretty much the case. Edmonton is incredibly boring.
  7. Forever_hope's impressions of the market perfectly reflect mine. As a single guy who never used much data, had an old Rogers plan for a while but it sucked. After being billed one too many times for US roaming when I was in Tsawwassen (and the hassle of having their call centre people be useless), I went to Koodo. Their prices were good and their service was awesome. Now I'm on a Telus corporate plan and their service is equally as good. Girlfriend started on Rogers too but they sucked. She tried Wind but the reception is appalling. Now she's on Koodo. Her parents and siblings were all on a family plan together so they got a great deal from Rogers. And their coverage is really good so it just depends on your situation.
  8. This x1,000,000
  9. Clearly idle minds run wild during the summer. You folks talking about trading Tanev need to get a hobby. Your boredom has led to absurd hypotheticals.
  10. Definitely not helping anyone with that.
  11. Reading is hard, isn't it Rod? You guys are cracking me up over here. I can't say I'm surprised that the guys who are against BLM are the same guys who have difficulty reading.
  12. Certainly more often than you see those racially-diverse friends you claim to have. You'd learn a thing or two about police oppression from any minority group. At the very least claiming anything like you have in this thread would earn you a quick slap. Something you are desperately in need of.
  13. If all you get from the BLM movement is "hating cops" you're proving my point about your exceptional ignorance. Cops being so trigger happy that they can use a 9mm to remove a man's arm is proof these guys have embarrassingly bad training. In no police situation is firing that erratically considered anything but an officer losing his $&!#.
  14. If you're a white person in Vancouver, a city so devoid of black people its almost conspicuous, and you have a strong opinion that can not be swayed about the realities of living as a black person in another country, you need to sit down and ask 2 very important questions: 1) How did you come to such a strong opinion with no experiential basis for forming it? 2) Why do you even need to have such a strong opinion about an issue that you clearly know so little about and have so little to gain from taking a view on? Protip, there is no combination of answers to the above questions that do not illuminate some deeply held racist views. First and foremost, defending the killing of a 12 year old. Good luck.