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  1. He was in the building, you heard what the TV mics picked up. The latter never does the former justice.
  2. We had 14 successful PKs in a row. Selective memory much?
  3. No, you fight him because he needs to know he's going to take punches for $&!#ty behaviour on the ice
  4. I want him for flying elbow purposes
  5. Can't disagree with that. Doesn't help that the Sedins look absolutely awful tonight.
  6. I see a lot of smoke blowing but not a lot of sense here. I think I'll enjoy the game instead.
  7. Especially with how soft the Burrows interference call was.
  8. Yeah, as in "our true state is that we are missing our 1D and 2D". Derp.
  9. I remember it being regularly called the best draft since 2003. Scouts were excited and rightfully so. As for Horvat being underestimated, agreed but I would have agreed on draft day too. They were calling him a 3C on draft day and it was clear how clueless the media were about this kid.
  10. This guy knows what's up. Our forwards practically collapse back to our blue line but don't actually help out man on the board battles.
  11. Sure there was. He was an epic prospect in a very deep draft (WAY deeper than Jake's). He would have gone Top 3 in most drafts. Lots of people who watched junior hockey knew that this 18 year old built like a bull who led his team to a Memorial Cup was going to be a big deal. Not our fault you can't see talent.
  12. There is definitely going to be a big reveal around William. Did you notice that the picture of Logan's sister/his fiancee is the same picture shown to Dolores' (first) dad at the start of the show that broke him? I expect Dolores buried it on the property which definitely alludes to 2 parallel stories being told with some significant time in between.
  13. Stepan is a great call on play style. I certainly wouldn't say he's Ryan Kesler. Not nearly physical, north-south or antagonistic enough but then I never liked the last 2 qualities of Kesler.