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  1. Feel free to bring up the quote on that. I'll wait while your misremembering fades.
  2. If you've got an intelligible point in there I'm failing to find it.
  3. Alberta has reserves that are peppered around the province (dark green for crude oil, much of which is being tapped already): Saskatchewan has untapped shale reserves that look like this (a basin that contains US's biggest shale oil reserves): Power policy decisions take a long time to take effect. Infrastructure investments on the scale of hundreds of millions of dollars are allocated methodically. That typically means 2 years bare minimum in the renewable power business which is far faster than oil and gas. I build power plants for a living. Safe to say I've got a finger on the pulse when it comes to this.
  4. Yeah because Saskatchewan has shale oil that can be fracked. Alberta has tar sands. So exactly what I said. Alberta meanwhile is going to see a massive boon to their renewables business. Courtesy of Notley.
  5. People blame whoever they can when misfortune befalls them. A new government is an easy scapegoat. Notley's energy policy is both extremely intelligent and designed to bring jobs to Alberta. The problem was simply that oil prices didn't stay at $100/barrel. Alberta was getting hit long before the new government took power: So what did change things? Fracking for oil, simple as that. This is what US fracking did to production: QED
  6. Simplistic arguments only make sense to simple people...
  7. Because "safety in neighbourhoods" involves adding a ton of assault weapons to the mix...
  8. Yeah dude, that's the point. Tkachuk played on an amazing team, Virtanen did not.
  9. Bertuzzi's junior numbers were also from another era in junior hockey.
  10. It makes me sad that people like you exist in Vancouver.
  11. Surprised there aren't more J Cole mentions. Guy is a hell of a writer and a rapper.
  12. As a Vancouverite that works for a company that has a ton of Icelanders working for it, I would freaking love this. We had a bunch of our Icelandic friends out to Vancouver late last year and took them to their first hockey game. They absolutely LOVED it. But man they would have lost their minds if this happened at the game!
  13. Who's this scrub ref with a bet on NSH?