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  1. SamJamIam

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    Friedman has gotten so bad in the last couple years. Just goes for cheap negative headlines because someone in every fan base will always be pissed off by a move. How is Gags getting waived somehow the fault of the Canucks? He's looked like a steaming turd for over a year. They tried to trade him, no one wanted him so he got waived. Then they went out of their way to put him in a position to find another NHL home. Whether he's a swell guy doesn't matter one bit.
  2. Hot take but not one I am inclined to disagree with one bit. Definitely seemed like JB was (rightly) very high on PLD
  3. Sure there are exceptional players who are simply better than more developed prospects. But Svech and Zadina are not those guys. They have nothing close to the record-breaking cred of Pettersson and Tolvanen. Dahlin may truly be something special but as a defensemen he'll struggle to catch attention when rookie forwards start scoring 3x as many points as him.
  4. Shiny new toy syndrome. No matter how good Dahlin, Svech and Zadina are I fully expect Pettersson, Mittelstadt and Tolvanen to be miles ahead of them with an extra year of development under their belts.
  5. Thanks. Knew about the latter but not the former.
  6. I think all are going to get time in the NHL and if they blow the doors off, they stay. If they don't, they'll go to the AHL
  7. Is there an NCAA rule about not having an agent? I keep seeing NHL folks referring to his "family & advisors". I recall the same for Boeser, Demko, and Gaudette. Is this related to the no payments/sponsorships rule that requires these guys to pay their own way to dev camp or something else?
  8. SamJamIam

    Adam Polasek | D

    I think the attitude is that if he doesn't want to be a Canuck, we don't want him either. We've got his and Rodin's rights but no way either is coming back.
  9. Agreed. Still better than McEneny though.
  10. Thanks for the add! :)

  11. Pretty sure it's 1984 or 64, not 04.
  12. Unless you were in a situation with so much depth in goal that the guy would never get a chance, you always sign guys like this if you have the chance. Holmgren must have been high the day he didn't re-sign Eriksson. Now we have a guy who is more proven than prospect, ready to spend a bit of time getting used to the AHL game then competing for a back up position. It's about the lowest risk signing a GM can make and he has HUGE upside with that quick lateral movement.
  13. SamJamIam

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Tommernes is going to be top pairing D for Utica with Corrado, for sure. I do think there's an effort being made to sign Alberts, it's just that everything is clogged up by Weise and perhaps Tanev.