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  1. goals,goals...from who?

    I believe Goldy, Baertschi and Horvat will all hit those marks. The last 2 were far better than the Sedin line last year and had waaaaay less PP time.
  2. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    I'm pretty sure the narrative exists exclusively for dumb people to get worked up about when they call in to sports talk radio shows.
  3. Tyler Madden | C

    Part of the issue with PCS/pGPS, and therefore CA since they derive a lot of their views from those "player comparability" metrics, is that the USHL is really starting to churn out quality talent with regularity which was previously not the case. CA also laid a giant egg on Brock Boeser for the exact same reason: I don't begrudge CA for using these models as heavily as they do given their limited resources. They even regularly acknowledge that the lack of comparables in certain leagues (Allsvenskan, MHL, USHL, Finnish Jr Liiga) is a big hole in their predictions. Yet they never outright discount the results of those models. At most they will say "Well a player could be slightly worse/better than PCS predicts" and I think that's a matter of pride. From what I've seen of many of their writers, that's not something I expect to change any time soon.
  4. ITT: Spot the Leafs's the easiest game ever of Where's Waldo?
  5. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Kole Lind is so poised
  6. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    So would you say you're a Soy Boy?
  7. Agreed. Lou is part of the old boys club and now they're gutting NYI for TOR's benefit.
  8. Tim Schaller | #59 | C

    Different play there bud
  9. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    I think it's very possible. Given the Canucks' injury luck, expect to see him slot in fairly quickly and stick. If you look at Dahlen, his best comparable up until his D+2 years was Filip Forsberg. In fact he exceeded Forsberg each year when adjusting for age until their paths diverged in their D+2 years. Dahlen stayed in Allsvenskan while Forsberg went to the AHL. Forsberg didn't see much drop in production in the AHL. Not too surprising given his size and having played in a men's league for 3 years. Dahlen saw significant gains in his production while playing a very NA-style game. Some would argue playing with Pettersson for the latter part of the year helped his numbers but if anything I would argue it helped his offensive creativity to play with and form chemistry with such a good player instead of playing with grinders in the AHL. In their D+3 years, Forsberg finally made the Preds out of camp and immediately scored at 0.75 ppg, which he's consistently done every year since. Dahlen unfortunately got mono so went back to Allsvenskan minus Pettersson to regain his health and lead the entire league in points. He turned down offers to play in the SHL (arguably the second best league in the world) to single-handedly drag Timra back to the SHL. I can't find the stat but I believe he was on ice for 50-60% of all Timra goals which is just ridiculous. So this year will be the big one for Dahlen. I don't expect him to get a spot right out of camp given the depth of LWs ahead of him but as players go down with injuries, he'll get his looks likely before the end of 2018.
  10. It's not about giving Sutter a more offensive role so much as just not using him the most insanely defensive role in the NHL. These signings enable us to balance offense and defense across our lineup instead of having to line match Sutter to opponent's first lines
  11. Tim Schaller | #59 | C

    What was he going to do? Fight the door to the bench? Come on...
  12. Loving JB's FA signings this year. Sutter was playing some of the hardest minutes of any NHL centre the last couple of years. With the Sedins (and their 70% ozone starts) leaving and adding these guys, he is going to be much better off. This should reduce defensive load on Horvat, Pettersson & Gaudette which is huge for their offensive development. Last year we had the same chatter of "We have too many players!!! Someone is going to need to be traded!!1!" Then by Feb we were down half our roster begging for more depth. Hopefully these guys reduce the amount our other players get run down.
  13. That's the dumbest line of thinking. If you like the player, you like him. What are you going to buy with $1m in today's NHL when a good 4th liner gets at least $3m? A bag of pucks and a pack of rolos? Get over it. We have the space and he makes the team better.
  14. I would be shocked if it wasn't front loaded and buyout-ready. I've been a huge fan of Beagle for years. So happy he's a Canuck. He's going to be setting the tone for our young kids and we're going to be a playing a lot harder nosed game with him and Roussel joining the team.
  15. [report] canucks not qualifying derrick pouliot

    You forgot Chaput!