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  1. Good think we don't live in Washington then
  2. Sums up my time in Toronto very well. However there was a pervading "only in it for myself" attitude that I found much more common in Toronto. Granted I'm in business which is only a microcosm of folks in the city but Vancouver has a very different, almost idealistic approach to business and entrepreneurship. It makes life infinitely more enjoyable to make true friends in business instead of associates and acquaintances. Plus I desperately need to be near a mountain and an ocean in order to truly get lost in the outdoors. If Toronto had those, I would be much more inclined to move there.
  3. That's hilarious. RWD cars in snow are such a gong show. For $&!#s and giggles a few buddies and I did a road trip through northern BC in December in an old V8 Crown Vic police car complete with push bumper. Even with snow tires we were drifting constantly. I don't think the car had its back wheels behind it during a single corner of that trip. It was awesome.
  4. He was in the building, you heard what the TV mics picked up. The latter never does the former justice.
  5. We had 14 successful PKs in a row. Selective memory much?
  6. No, you fight him because he needs to know he's going to take punches for $&!#ty behaviour on the ice
  7. I want him for flying elbow purposes
  8. Can't disagree with that. Doesn't help that the Sedins look absolutely awful tonight.
  9. I see a lot of smoke blowing but not a lot of sense here. I think I'll enjoy the game instead.
  10. Especially with how soft the Burrows interference call was.
  11. Yeah, as in "our true state is that we are missing our 1D and 2D". Derp.
  12. I remember it being regularly called the best draft since 2003. Scouts were excited and rightfully so. As for Horvat being underestimated, agreed but I would have agreed on draft day too. They were calling him a 3C on draft day and it was clear how clueless the media were about this kid.
  13. This guy knows what's up. Our forwards practically collapse back to our blue line but don't actually help out man on the board battles.