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  1. The beauties of playing for the Calgary Sh*tmen
  2. ITT: A whole bunch of people who never watched Utica complaining about a coach they've never seen. Green is not WD. He played a similar system because he had a team of grinders and he was asked to by management. End of story.
  3. The biggest problem when it comes to projecting Jake is that he is a player that can be neutralized if he's on a poor line. With some decently skilled linemates, he will open up space like few in the NHL can do. It's going to be like scoring in junior for some of the skilled guys that get to play with him at the NHL level. Good on him for working hard and putting together the defensive part of his game while down in Utica.
  4. Oh look, the two guys I never listen to reiterating the intelligence of that position. The jump and head contact was not legal. Incidental leaving of his feet post-contact (which happened once) is not what I spoke of.
  5. Yeah we should definitely get rid of him. Played 0 minutes, scored 0 points. Why would we keep him?
  6. Woosh
  7. This thread seems to be ignoring that Kassian's antics are only effective when they are allowed by the officials. Zach had at least 2 big hits where he left his feet and made head contact. His game could have been reigned in right there by a trip to the box (especially if it was green complementing blue on his jersey instead of orange). It just was chosen that his infractions be ignored. He got bolder and knew he could get away with more and more. This isn't news. See Ferland in our last playoff series. See the entire Bruins in 2011. Any scrub can look like a superstar in the playoffs when he gets carte blanche. It's indicative of the power refs have to swing games, not that Kassian's abilities or our need for a similar player.
  8. His name is Jake Virtanen and he's coming soon
  9. Eh. I've been watching a ton of UND over the last few years and Boeser's game is not like Anson's. He has plenty of ability to stick handle and makes intelligent passing plays. He is good on his own but with other high skill guys he gets even better. He plays a fast game and uses his speed and smarts to open up space. The Sedins standing around playing catch are not a good fit for him. He just happens to be a better shooter than almost everyone else on the team. Goldobin is similarly smart and able to snipe and pass but uses speed to create space. The Sedins are just playing a style that doesn't work anymore.
  10. Team was destroyed by injuries. You want Labate on our first line? Sometimes guys gotta play through things then address during the offseason.
  11. Unfortunately when an infection crosses the blood brain barrier it's actually more survivable if you are older and particularly if you're a heavy drinker. Gives more room for cranial swelling. Been through all this when my brother got encephalitis at 22. Presented as a terrible flu then he spent the next week unconscious in the neuro ICU. Had him on a ventilator and in ice baths to try to keep the fever down but the swelling did him in. Hate to say it but everything coming out of the Sabres fits pretty well with those memories. Wish Kyle and his family the best if that's what they're going through.
  12. Doubtful in Jake's case. He's just dropped a ton of body fat. He wasn't without muscle before. Agreed.
  13. As a guy with a similar build, that is definitely more than 20 pounds
  14. HOW?! He was one of our best players this season and he was specifically injured in a way that should have screwed up his production big time.