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  1. While it is a boarding penalty when you look at the hit and the resulting effect on Vatrano, it's hard to see how Guddy could have played it differently. Vatrano is right up against the boards protecting the puck with his back to the play. He tries to pull away from the boards to create space for himself to and it's already too late. Guddy was certainly not charging and he was looking to pin but the extra few inches of space meant Vatrano crumpled into the boards. Both players at fault and I would have been fine with a minor. Major I get because other refs didn't know of Vatrano would return. But suspension? No way.
  2. It would be a lot easier to let go if the team we lost to didn't break two spines and serve 0 minutes for it on their way to the cup.
  3. That is impressive. Not Elias Pettersson's SHL numbers impressive but arguably as good as Kole Lind's 1.8 PPG in the WHL if NHLe counts for anything.
  4. We've got 14 million coming off the books next year. We can handle it.
  5. Oh my, however could I back this claim up? My grandest apologies. It was only the second preseason game he played in for us, with the first being in China.
  6. I've been singing Burmistrov's praises since the first preseason game while others didn't see his value. Happy he's proving the naysayers wrong. His description by Green as a "rover" clearly meant that he is a very good jack of all trades, not the odd man out. I also think people are being overly hard on Hutton. Anyone who saw him in the NCAA knows he was down on the half wall for Maine's PP and was often deep to push offense for what was an otherwise poor team. He's got the skills but in being asked to jump up more is finding that balance. Remember he was always told to sit back in the NHL under Willie so this is new for him. And I'm surprised to be the first to say this after 16 pages but Jake's benching had nothing to do with Jake. Green has said he prefers matching lines and as the game progresses opposing coaches typically shorten their bench in order to try to get something going when they're down. Ottawa thought that the Jake match up was looking particularly bad so benched a line in the third. If anything this reflects well on Jake. Green just didn't want to put his line in the position of matching against another line later in the game with his other lines doing a great job handling them.
  7. Definitely the haters after a win.
  8. Signed in to say the same. He's had some trouble squeezing but that will change. His glove looks better than Markstrom's to me.
  9. I would much rather the refs get the correct call at some point then just pretend its all fine and move on when they've miscalled and substantially changed the game's outcome.
  10. I'll take 2x the number of Saab Gripen Es for the same money. Not to mention they're designed for operating in Arctic conditions and have super low maintenance costs unlike the others.
  11. Because he looked good?
  12. Good lord, so many Canucks on that list. Love it.
  13. Any words how many points are on the power play? He was extremely good last year 5 on 5 which rocketed his SEAL adjusted scoring upwards.
  14. Picks come with inherent risk. Trading a lottery pick for a specific player is a reduction of risk. A known quantity like Pouliot is a lot easier to assess and value than a later round pick. You don't even know which players will be available and if they're any good. That's why picks become more valuable on draft day...and why players except the most certain busts are typically worth more than a mid round pick.
  15. Finally someone who knows wtf hes talking about. I wouldn't move to most European cities save Amsterdam and Edinburgh and definitely no others in the US or Canada. Plenty of nice places out there with nice people but Vancouver is in a rare league. Unfortunately most who live in it don't appreciate it which is funny for how much they bitch about the cost of staying. Always sounds like sour grapes to me...