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  1. Is Milan Lucic Out of Control?

    Lots of friends and family in Tsawwassen who grew up with Lucic's girlfriend. It's a small place so not much stays secret.
  2. Is Milan Lucic Out of Control?

    No, I'd say psychotic is pretty apt.  Roids + coke + drinking do this so I'm not sure what's so surprising here.
  3. Ducks F Horcoff suspended 20 games for PEDs

    Next up Lucic.  If you got the guy to piss in a cup, it would probably melt the cup.
  4. Roid rage at its finest
  5. {GDT} Canucks vs Penguins @ 9:30 AM PT (January 23) on SN

    Someone should really tell the Canucks that there's a "ref donation" they're not paying.
  6. Draft position isn't everything.  Baer slipped in the draft and was expected to go much higher.  Drouin also had the benefit of playing with MacKinnon.   People consistently get misled by one good but not amazing player whose numbers are bolstered by a truly great player.  MacKinnon has shown how exceptional he his in the NHL which makes Drouin look more and more like his Sam Gagner.   Lets also not forget the other inevitable comparison, that Nik Ehlers generated the same amount of points with Halifax as Drouin did while being a year younger.  Is Nik Ehlers better than Drouin too?  They're all great players but what you do in junior isn't everything.
  7. Definitely not.  Not against Drouin in general but Baer is not the piece you give up for an unproven youngster.
  8. Agreed.  Like the vast majority of violent crime, this is a story of serious socioeconomic issues. My family comes from northern Sask, very close to La Loche so I've been many time.  The difference between that place and nearby towns is extremely dramatic.  It's like when you hear about the Highway of Tears then go to Prince Rupert.  All you can say is "Yep, seems about right."
  9. What is wrong with you people?  Baer is scoring at a 20 goal pace and you want to trade him?  God damn CDC brings out the dumb in people.
  10. Torterella taken to hospital to get "checked out"

    This is why he generally doesn't!
  11. Is Bo just scratching the surface?

    2 years in a row that Bo has been chucked into the deep end and he's started to put it together after the holidays.  That is an extremely atypical way to develop in the NHL and speaks to Bo's ability to think the game at a superstar level.  If this continues, we're looking at a hell of a player.
  12. Does Mike Lego have an allergic reaction when he calls a Canuck powerplay? Jeez bud. Eyes open
  13. Officials

    I heard this one time, when Burrows was 4 and playing pond hockey, he called the ref a poopy head.  That incident has dogged him his entire career.
  14. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    "Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!"
  15. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    Dude, if you're this sensitive you should stay away from hockey altogether. Burrows is well-known by teammates to say some crazy, funny $&!#. But it's just words.  If Tootoo needs a cuddle, I'm sure Pronger will spoon him.