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  1. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    "Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!"
  2. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    Dude, if you're this sensitive you should stay away from hockey altogether. Burrows is well-known by teammates to say some crazy, funny $&!#. But it's just words.  If Tootoo needs a cuddle, I'm sure Pronger will spoon him.
  3. Jake Virtanen Talk

    That is really the great thing about Jake.  We're always so fascinated with comparables, and yet we got a guy who simply might not have any.  That's pretty damned exciting.
  4. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Is there a paypal account I can donate to so that you can get coaching on how to trash talk?  
  5. Panic in C of Red

    Good for them.  There will always be the Next One to tank for.  Meanwhile good teams will turn lesser picks into better players through intelligent development.
  6. Brock Boeser Talk

  7. You act like if Corrado was waived by the Leafs that we'd claim him back.  I'm not so sure.
  8. Jared McCann Talk

    You'd have choked to death on crow months ago if you didn't backpedal faster than Lance Armstrong biked forwards.
  9. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Developing a 2 way game won't hurt him.  McCann and Horvat have shown that rookie production doesn't require top 6 minutes.
  10. Brock Boeser Talk

    Boeser's success is just a foregone conclusions so Hutton is the next big question when it comes to setting up our Stanley Cup dynasty  One tangential point about Hutton I would like add: No Norris winners since 2000 came from the NCAA.  This is just a function of the small sample size of giving one guy the award each year.  Each guy has shown the ability to play solid defense while putting up points.  This means putting up close to a PPG in the CHL or 0.5 PPG in a pro league.  Hutton is absolutely in this range.  But of course there are many busts who satisfy this same criteria. The other commonality is that Norris players tend to have a fairly early impact in the NHL.  Very few stick as 18 year olds though.  So spending time in the NCAA has not set Hutton back one bit.  And when future Norris winners did stick with their NHL teams, they tended to score at a fairly low pace early on.  Think 0.25 PPG.  By this metric as well (which is obviously much more important than junior success), Hutton looks very good compared to this elite company. The reality is that we just don't know and will have to wait and see how the season goes.  But as far as ruling Ben out from Norris potential, there is certainly no basis to do so yet and much more that points to the alternative.
  11. Jake Virtanen Talk

    ...he said as his chubby fingers covered in powdered cheese reach for the mountain dew in the mini fridge he keeps next to his computer for those night-long WoW raids.
  12. [Official GDT] Flyers vs Canucks 7PM

    I like your style Bartkowski!  Here's your gun and your badge!
  13. [Official GDT] Flyers vs Canucks 7PM

    Agreed. Lot of new refs this year though so at least there's a legit reason.  Guys like Sutherland, Devorski and Leggo have no such excuse though and they're arguably the worst because they're only one sided with their suckitude