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  1. Yeah man, I hate that we got Granlund and Baertschi for Shinkaruk and a 2nd.
  2. Not surprised. Glass was overrated af. Love that Lind and Gadjovich played on the same line.
  3. Just give it a little tappy. Tap tap taparoo...
  4. You do realize that only dictates how much a player get a paid and has nothing to do with waivers, right?
  5. Some folks on CDC don't understand that making space for a young guy who proved himself isn't the same as forfeiting all our depth at that position. Same guys who complain about depth while ignoring we regularly lead the league in injuries. Can't make them happy.
  6. Do you wish to actually explain your reasoning? Because with no justification it's likely you just pulled that out of your ass. Just my opinion.
  7. Or I could use ask one of my friends who played in the NHL, or rely on my own athletic experience. But no, you're right, I should read news articles instead. What a silly silly man you are.
  8. You specifically responded to my dismissal of Team Tank. You then said it was worth it because players want to win a cup.
  9. Well in response you did just list athletes you knew. There is a big difference between knowing athletes and being one. These guys don't bust their asses for decades, living in hotels, buses and planes, training during their summers because they think they can't win. They don't blame their GMs draft day picks or free agent signing when they lose. They blame themselves and they use that feeling to train harder for next year. There isn't a single person in the NHL that worked all their life to tank. No athlete feels a fuzzy feeling when they did so poorly that their team got to draft the next Gretzky. So yeah, I don't think you know a thing about athletes and their drove to compete.
  10. Spoken like someone who has never known how competitive athletes can be. Athletes understand that teams are not just a collection of boxcar stats. Nerds behind keyboards griping about "windows" are the only ones focused on that garbage.
  11. Team tank and the media that think Marleau is going to put Toronto over the top should be taken with a block of salt. Fans are people that cheer for their team to win.
  12. I feel like you wandered into the wrong thread...
  13. Guntrix thinks Trump is a clever meme reply. Yeah...I would stop engaging him if I were you guys.
  14. One more reason I'm a Vatanen fan...