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  1. The Bureau of Land Management?
  2. The average AHLer is probably better than the average SHLer or KHLer. But the variance in still in the AHL is also much lower. Bad players go to the ECHL, good players go to the NHL. There are no hidden AHL gems as a result. The same does not go for the better European leagues.
  3. Forsberg played in Allsvenskan just like Dahlen. Allsvenskan is also not at all like the AHL and frankly your thinking otherwise is pretty damning. Teams in Allsvenskan play to get upgraded to the SHL in the following year. SHL teams similarly play hard or risk getting kicked down to Allsvenskan. Timra IK is the perfect example as it got kicked down from the SEL after losing in the Kvalserien.
  4. Every thread is a "bitch about picking Virtanen" thread
  5. Pretty sure he was consensus. Let's put revisionist history aside and recognise that he was behind consensus top 5 pick Michael Dal Colle.
  6. We were talking about Boeser. Assumed that was a typo but can see now how that is confusing.
  7. I'd love to see what you can dig up on scouting reports that mention anything below average about his skating but I can't find a thing. I just searched high and low and all I can find is scouts saying the exact opposite prior to the draft, claiming both his acceleration and speed were one of his positives.
  8. Bro do you even hockey?
  9. TO media has got the worst of our fan base chasing their tails on these trades that will never happen. Depressing given how dumb the proposed trades are.
  10. The comparison in this case is very applicable. You say he got fast in an off season. He didn't. He was already fast and then the complaint about his speed came from who knows where. Suddenly he's labelled slow. He puts in his time in the off season, makes decent (but not amazing) improvements. He's clearly not slow though so he's now credited with an amazing boost in speed. The reality is CDC just can't scout for $&!#.
  11. Flashbacks to complaints about Horvat's speed abound.
  12. When you say things like this it makes me wonder if you've ever watched a UND game. His skating was great even in freshman year. He scored a ton off the rush with Caggiula and Schmaltz. Even when they left he was a terror on the forecheck.
  13. So you don't think Edmonton would do a lateral move but propose that we should do one. Wut
  14. You don't build a team by making as incremental a move as that, particularly for an older guy. You build a team by adding Eberle and not getting rid of Granlund.
  15. I would like to get in touch with your dealer. He's clearly hooking you up.