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  1. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Green is lowkey hostile towards Jeff Patterson rn i think
  2. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    He needs to get more than 30. He needs one goal for that. I think he needs to hit at least 40 or 35 goals 65 points
  3. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Would I have liked a draft pick? &^@# yeah. Do I love Leipsic and Motte. YES I had one problem this game other than the goaltending, JV. He just needs to be more visible out there. I dont care if he isn't contributed on the score sheet but I want to see him doing things and not in a bad way. A couple of passes, missed hits stood out to me. I want to see him use that speed to go end to end. He should have been given that pass from Baer in the 3 on 1 but oh well.
  4. I haven't been active on CDC for a while now, I have also seen myself tuning into less and less canucks game this year especially due to the time difference after moving to Ontario and the late starts. However, I try to keep up with news from reddit and here of course and I was watching the trade deadline like everyone else. What Friedman said really resounds with me. Vancouver media was always writing sensationalist bull$&!#, the morning show on 1040 went to crap and I used to listen to it growing up everyday. From Scotty it went to these two guys complaining about last nights minutes for rookies. And there weren't any consistencies either: ROOKIES ARE NOT GETTING PLAYING TIME or WHY IS BO HORVAT PLAYING SO MUCH MORE THAN THE SEDINS. In the summer or on days I was sick at home or just bored at school I loved listening to Moj and Don Taylor. I honestly found a thrill listening to the radio over watching the games on TV sometimes. But it was hard to listen to the constant bashing last year. Especially with draft picks. The guys become so serious with the fact the Sergachev is amazing or that another pick taken after Olli J was doing well. And it just was too many the world was ending scenarios. But I agree with all the posters that say fans and media aren't all to blame. Management needs to take blame. Benning traded away way too many picks early on in his tenure. he made a couple of trades that hurt the teams future. We could maybe use McCann now. Trading away Forsling was bad. The Vey trade etc etc. But he has also done well. Our roster was in a state of limbo in which maybe this fanbase was ready to accept a rebuild and management delivered 2 years too late. Errors were made but I don't think giving Benning a kick now is going to do anything. People need to let things run their course, see what happens this offseason. It is probably going to be the most critical one yet. I expect to see at least one big trade coming down from the Canucks side, with at lease one defenseman moving on from the team, hopefully more than one forward as well. If things work out we come out of the offseason stronger in the prospect pool but positioned for a high pick in next years draft. The only thing I ask for from the team is a bit more transparency and an actual view of the long term future. We have been too reactionary in the past and we need to have it come from the top that we are rebuilding so the ownership needs to admit to itself we need to rebuild.
  5. [PGT] Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Um what’s gonna happen with Tanevs teeth.
  6. [PGT] Ottawa Senators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Im still laughing/crying at that edler pass to no one that led to Baertchi taking a stupid penatly
  7. Roman Josi named captain of Nashville Predators

    Isnt Daniel Associate captain too?
  8. you put so much effort in saying you have no effort so :/
  9. How we did on the Drafts

    u know the difference between tanev and hansen right? Tanev is more comparable to Hjalmarson. And 2 seconds for Tanev??? Id rather have the stability on the backend.
  10. How we did on the Drafts

    swiss* and that 13 pounds is a lot to gain. Difference between the two is that Nico will maybe be rushed into the NHL while Elias given a year in Sweden first. Hopefuly he can bulk up over the year.
  11. How we did on the Drafts

    But why take a player that has a game similar to Horvat with glass. And the same upside. That would IMO be showing less faith in BoHo.
  12. How we did on the Drafts

    A lot of experts had 3-9 being interchangable. So I dont understand why people are saying that JB took a reach. Just cuz they dont like that Vilardi and Glass were ranked at 5/6 and Petterson at 7?
  13. Post here for a new title.

    Plllllleaaase I dont want to have such a rats name in my title
  14. I can't believe no trades :(

    1. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Me too. This morning got me thinking that it was going to be crazy with trades.