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  1. I could totally see Toronto, Washington or Boston beating the Cavs in a 7 game series. Cavs don't have any consistent scoring from their bench and defensively they are just sad. Thompson on most nights is a hole on offense and that won't work well in the playoffs. But if they put in Frye or move Love to the 5, players like Gortat, Horford and JV will have free run in the paint. As for LeBron, stopping him is impossible but slowing him down is gonna be key. PJ Tucker, Carroll, Porter, Crowder. All these guys can slow LeBron down enough to have a chance at winning. Also, I think these 3 teams are built to stop the Drive and Kick out style the Cavs love. Each team has good perimeter defenders that can stay on their man and rim protection for when LeBron will try to take over (Except for Boston). I think the wildcard is Kyrie and the Bench. The team is a net negative when Kyrie is leading the second unit so teams with good second units can take it to the them.
  2. Thornton might be a prick, but he and Malkin deserve to be there over a lot of players that made it.
  3. and then Lou would be number 7, And we would still have no cups.
  4. maybe he is considering 22 and 33 going up as well. which they will
  5. I belieeeeeve. I pick Tanev to score every game, but I have a feeling that Gaunce is gonna get a greasy one
  6. Trade for Barzal if we can, but really nothing major should go the other way. It's a pointless rumour and I don't see the point of canucks trading away any players this year. Maybe if Burrows, Edler and Hansen want to go to contender we can send them that way, but I doubt they would want to leave the city. Just got to stay the path and do what we can through free agency and drafting for the next year.
  7. I started reading the GDT and was mildly disappointed it wasn't a song parody of Jacob and Sons from Joseph and his technicolored dreamcoat. I think I might get to watch all of this game so I hope for an exciting one. Prediction: 3-2 Vancouver Tanev Gaunce Erikson Kane Anisimov
  8. Isn't hammer doing good defensively? Always was a strong penalty killer in his time here.
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    2. SabreFan1


      Make expansion draft posts on each individual team and who you think will be protected and who will be left exposed come decision time.

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      Thank u!

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      Good luck.  You have a lot of stat checking and reading to do.  I look forward to reading the blog posts.

  9. Where??? Is that somewhere in the prairies.
  10. I just love Chris's Tanev
  11. Anyone know how fast is the post game show posted on the TSN podcasts was at the game and have a long night so why not listen to some

    more hockey talk while I work?

    1. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      Depends if they upload it in 1 or 2 parts. It's up around 12:15am usually, for a 7pm home game. If there is a 2 parts, its up around 11:15pm then 12:15am for the other half. That's been my experience.

  12. Edler, 2nd Round pick, and a good prospect would maybe have them think about it. But they could get a better deal than that. Younger defenseman like Trouba?