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  1. I just love Chris's Tanev
  2. Anyone know how fast is the post game show posted on the TSN podcasts was at the game and have a long night so why not listen to some

    more hockey talk while I work?

    1. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      Depends if they upload it in 1 or 2 parts. It's up around 12:15am usually, for a 7pm home game. If there is a 2 parts, its up around 11:15pm then 12:15am for the other half. That's been my experience.

  3. Edler, 2nd Round pick, and a good prospect would maybe have them think about it. But they could get a better deal than that. Younger defenseman like Trouba?
  4. I don't watch cfb but that was a great game.
  5. Patience is a virtue many of us don't have time for
  6. Reilly's hit was dirty. But so was the spear. I'm not gonna bother with which ones worse, but both don't have a place in the game today. Both should be suspended, and both should face the consequences for they're actions. And who cares if the effing spear was warranted? Does that make it any better? If burrows wanted to make Reilly pay do it legally or do it on the score sheet no need for any more drama considering he's making 4M to play as a 4th line checker.
  7. Heresay
  8. Someone help me. I'm wounded. Emotionally ailed. I think I can't come to this website again. Someone on the internet is saying rude things about me. Suck it up, I gave my honest response to this moniker of a thread and if that triggered you cry me a river. Maybe you're not one of the fans I mentioned, but if you think wishing an injury on any player is a good thing you need to re-evaluate the point of sport. Sports are about having fun and as fans they are about enjoyment and entertainment. For the sake of your fandom, would you want people to get hurt? I'm not defending Martin here, he is a POS that has to be dealt with accordingly. Not in a Bertuzzi like fashion but in a manner that is appropriate in hockey. If we think that sending in a player like Pedan to 'show' the Leafs rookies the same treatment isn't disgusting then we are no better than the Toronto fans who think Kadri and Martin were completely fine. And speaking of, what do you think about the Burrows antics with Reilly. In my non-homer opinion, that was just as bad, if not worse, as what Martin did to Strech. There's a difference between a complaint and a whine, but really as someone whose only been a year you've probably only heard the latter. P.S. What's wrong with figure skating? Couldn't keep up with them at the rink as a kid?
  9. Can we get some new fans while we're at it? Despicable response I'm seeing on multiple forums about going head hunting on Martin or Matthews or Marner in the next game. Maybe that's why Vancouverites get such a bad name.
  10. Maybe he's hurt after that dumb hit by Shore? No reason to play a defenseman over him. Rather have Burrows penalty kill than Biegas 5 minutes even strength.
  11. Woah man. Just had a flashback to the NW division days. Man I miss those days.