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  1. you put so much effort in saying you have no effort so :/
  2. u know the difference between tanev and hansen right? Tanev is more comparable to Hjalmarson. And 2 seconds for Tanev??? Id rather have the stability on the backend.
  3. swiss* and that 13 pounds is a lot to gain. Difference between the two is that Nico will maybe be rushed into the NHL while Elias given a year in Sweden first. Hopefuly he can bulk up over the year.
  4. But why take a player that has a game similar to Horvat with glass. And the same upside. That would IMO be showing less faith in BoHo.
  5. A lot of experts had 3-9 being interchangable. So I dont understand why people are saying that JB took a reach. Just cuz they dont like that Vilardi and Glass were ranked at 5/6 and Petterson at 7?
  6. Plllllleaaase I dont want to have such a rats name in my title
  7. I can't believe no trades :(

    1. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Me too. This morning got me thinking that it was going to be crazy with trades.

  8. lmao. that's all.
  9. love the trade from Montreal's perspective but I think the cap flexibility TB got has made them happy as well.
  10. like thers a lol browns in the NFL, we need a LOL Habs here
  11. I think it has to do with taking bad contracts. say we give them Tanev and take one or two of the goalies off them and the third overall. A good #2 and cap flexibility is going to be very valuable to a team that wants to contender.
  12. if Real win, I want Bale to score the winner. If Juve win, I want it to be Higuain taking a pen after Ramos gets sent off.
  13. theyve had 3 top 5 picks, Okafor Embiid Simmons and this year will be 4th. Noel was 6th overall and MCW was in the teens. They picked Dario Saric in that area too, late lotto pick up.
  14. I just got accepted to my dream program for Uni and im so ecstatic. 

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    2. SabreFan1


      Congrats!!  Hopefully it's in medical or tech.

    3. MJDDawg


      Way to go.

    4. 87Crosby


      @debluvscanucks @SabreFan1 I got accepted into Health Sciences at McMaster. Considered to be the most competitive undergrad program in the country. Aaah feel so blessed. 

  15. JV already has a bad shoulder