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  1. Been ages since I went on CDC. Wassup people. 

    1. Kazmanian Devil
    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      What you been up to? Came to give me some good news?

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      Things get more lively come late September.

  2. I actually think that the reason Brule did so bad in the NHL was actually Arizona's fault, didn't they ruin his development?
  3. You are really overrating our rookies if you think there are better players than Sutter on the team. Sutter is in our 6 most important forwards and in his first 12 games he had 7 points. Over his next 8 he suffered two injuries and only netted 2 points. As for who he would push out, it would have to be Hansen as the 2RW. What some people don't get is that this frees up the 3C spot for Granlund and allows Rodin a shot to play Top 9 minutes too. With Sutter as 2C and Horvat as a 3C, this is my prospective lineup: Sedin-Sedin-Loui Baer-Sutter-Hansen Rodin-Horvat-Dorsett Gaunce-Granlund-Etem Personally, I love Dorsett, but he's a banger and crasher, not a 3rd line winger, Rodin and Horvat would leave him in the dust. With a 3rd line of Rodin-Granlund-Hansen, Rodin and Hansens's speed along side Granlund's passing ability might lead thst line to be good offensively. Hansen is no slouch defensively either.
  4. Yeah, that one guy it looks like you've never seen play before the last season. Hint: He barely missed a game before his freak injury season last year. As for the RW thing, I think it is plausible. But it all depends on if Horvat and him have any chemistry. Sedin-Sedin-Loui Baertchi-Horvat-Sutter Rodin-Granlund-Hansen Etem-Gaunce-Dorsett
  5. Raymond Ballard and a 1st
  6. Etem will play 50. Dorsett will play 50. Rodin will play 40.
  7. It is hard to hit a 100 points in the new NHL. Last season there was one player to achieve that and there were no 90 point players. If the Sedins hit 80 points it would be pretty commendable and 90 would make me ecstatic.
  8. Bleakley looks interesting to me. Low risk medium reward kinda pick up.
  9. Anaheim are the biggest losers. They made no signings.
  10. I wish. If I was paid to be on the Internet I wouldn't be going to school.
  11. I don't think the contract would have gone through if you used of instead of have the whole way through.
  12. I just noticed my name says 63Marchand under it. I am disappointed. 

  13. Guys, I fully endorse @baseballcanuck as the next GM of the very important NHL franchise...the EDMONTON OILERS, may they continue their long traditions and have another 10 losing years under the helm of @baseballcanuck
  14. I think we are much better than we were in the 2014-2015 season, with Eriksson, Sutter and the other younger players having improved. Defensively, I still think we are much better than we were last year. Hamhuis only played 60 games last year, in which only 30ish were meaningful. Gudbranson adds much needed toughness and Tryamkin will do much better with a NHL training regiment this summer. Overall, I see the team as a 6-10 team in the west with opportunity to make some noise come the deadline. Speaking of TSN, their coverage outside of the actual insiders, Ferraro and Duthie is pretty much a crapshoot. All day, all I heard was Lucic, the McDavid effect and Toronto. Toronto didn't sign anyone till about 2... In addition to this, when Craig Button made a point to talk about the Sedins chemistry with Eriksson, some guy on the panel, (former leaf management, I think) kept on going on about how Lucic brings the three Ss to Edmonton, Size, Skill and Speed. They were commending the Hall trade at some points because it "fixes a problem" but they referred to the Gudbranson trade as a trade for a 4th defenseman. So yeah, TSN coverage was bad, but at least it wasn't Rogers coverage.