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  1. Highway - Bleeker You With Me - Jimmy Eat World 45 - The Gaslight Anthem Angel's Wings - Social Distortion Fall Back Down - Rancid Party Hard - Andrew W.K Hearts and Stars - Cage9 Feel Good Drag - Anberlin Throne - Bring Me The Horizon She Wants to Know - Half Moon Run I have all these on my Spotify playlist. Tried to pick a few different types
  2. Exactly. Doesn't help at all when two of those are the second part of a back to back.
  3. I'm curious to what WD has told him to do out there
  4. Maybe his suspension messed with his head?
  5. Edler was on the ice for all 4 goals against, right?
  6. Edler and Tanev are having a bad game
  7. Only get worse from here. Another back to back this weekend.
  8. Hometown hockey is terrible
  9. Our systems may be better this season, but scoring is still clearly going to be an issue
  10. He wouldn't hit waivers
  11. It's pretty damn fun
  12. He's done. I love Burr, I have his jersey, but I'd rather see Skille in there
  13. Last year's team would not have gotten a point from this game. Hard to be angry about this
  14. I think it's short for family. A lot of internet kids say it instead of dude or bro