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  1. Or we can pay for it right now
  2. I've started to move over to digital games this gen, so I feel your pain on the HDD space
  3. Nah. Hansen is hurt already.
  4. That's kinda how I feel. I just watch the games and enjoy the ride. If we win, awesome. If we lose, we get a better pick
  5. I'm pretty sure if you put the disk in, the game will install every time. Don't think you can stop that No, you won't. Some people on Reddit say you can talk to Sony about it and they might help you, but it seems dependant on getting a nice person
  6. Yeah, NHL 17 isn't all that great
  7. WD is such a clown. I'd be pissed if I paid good money to watch Megna on the first line. Wasn't the entire point of signing Eriksson was to play him with the twins? What is with WD's constant refusal to do so? The Twins have had a point drop off of last season's pace, and Eriksson isn't doing much of anything with Sutter. It's mind boggling how terrible WD is.
  8. But that's like...An hour away from me
  9. I see Horvat being Kesler 2.0 minus the dick attitude. He's going to be a hell of a second line centre for us, but idk if he's the 2011 Henrik Sedin player that we need
  10. Don't you go to Campbell River though?
  11. A top 3 pick is what we really need this season.
  12. 2017 isn't going to be any better, everyone is just getting older. It sucks. Carrie seemed like a really awesome lady.
  13. It's so boring here
  14. Did you guys end up getting any games for Christmas?
  15. Should be a good one. Look forward to this every year.