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  1. NHL 2k5 is still my favourite NHL game of all time.
  2. I have the total opposite feeling about 3s; It's too over my top for my taste. 3v3 EASHL is really fun though.
  3. I can't stand Crosby, and I still think this is a stupid topic.
  4. I'd even take the CBC clowns over these two
  5. I think they call them "basic"
  6. Well...They do live in Edmonton
  7. I read something that said Rodin said that he'll play in Utica if he's sent down
  8. It's on SN650 radio, and the Canucks Facebook page has the video feed.
  9. Bachman has been pretty bad all pre-season. Hope Demko gets the lion's share of the starts in Utica.
  10. It's not on TV. It's on the Canucks Facebook page
  11. Calgary for me. I find them way more annoying.
  12. I am. Should be pretty fun.
  13. LMAO at the one girl getting her arm stuck in the bag