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  1. I use The app is pretty good too.
  2. What do people want from this team? To throw all the kids into a losing environment like the Oilers did until they drafted McDavid? This is what you do. You grow your young players in the CHL, AHL, ect. As for signing older players in FA, if they didn't do that we'd be seeing Megna, Chaput, Skille, Cramarossa, type guys in the lineup each night. Then everyone would be complaining about how boring the team is, and even less people would be going to games.
  3. I was in Diamond last season. It wasn't every game, but it was enough to feel like most matches played out the same way.
  4. Dive meta kinda killed OW for me.
  5. As long as the Twins are on the top unit, our PP is going to suck.
  6. We're not the oldest.
  7. Tonight he was pretty bad, but every goalie has bad games.
  8. If Markstrom could just stop giving up a softie each game he'd be looking pretty decent.
  9. I know he did, but I was talking about the PP specifically.
  10. It's unreal how bad the Twins are on the PP. The Horvat line didn't do much better tonight, but man...
  11. NHL 18 is on sale for $49.99 on Amazon right now if anyone has been holding out for a sale.
  12. To make matter worse, he has an NTC. He isn't going anywhere.
  13. I started watching the Canucks in 2002, and the last two were easily the worst ones since I've been a fan. I hate to admit it, but watching the Canucks near the end of last season was almost a chore. I still tuned in, I still kept up with all the online chatter, but the games were simply boring to watch. Now this year it was supposed to be the actual first year of the "rebuild", but save for Boeser, it'll probably be more of the same. You can argue about who should and shouldn't be in the NHL, but for the CASUAL fan it doesn't matter. They want to see young guys out there like Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg. Like TS said, liking the Canucks isn't cool right now, and Vancouver is a place that is obsessed with trends and keeping up appearance. Casual fans don't care right now. We here on CDC are the die-hard minority. We're coming off the '08-'12 Canucks core that was the best this team has ever had. Right now things are as bad as the late 90s. Until the team starts winning, we're not going to see the casual fan care.
  14. Gotta hit the freaking net boys.
  15. Besides the two softies, Markstrom has looked pretty solid these first two games.