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  1. Excellent GDT.   Thoughts:   1) I hope hamhuis has a great game back, because he's a local home-grown talent, a good human being, and it's the right thing to do as a fan, considering the scary ordeal from which he is returning.   2) I hope Vrbata and a few other vets have productive games, so he can have a more favorable return via trade.   3) I hope the fans are loud in the building, and have reason to celebrate, as being a nationally televised game, it would be nice to have a boisterous and raucous crowd in attendance.    Go canucks go!
  2. Brock Boeser Talk

    Haven't been wowed by a wrist shot like his, since the days of Naslund or Sakic...
  3. Benning Talking To Media

    We're unlikely to get a Top-3 pick this year, but I have to trust that being a deep draft, if we walk away with 2-3 picks in the top-40, we can land 2-3 cornerstone pieces upon which to build. In 2003, you saw players of elite talent taken well after the top-5, so hopefully we come away with great value wherever we draft.   Side note: saw Boeser player the other night on TSN, he had a wicked snipe PPG and I'm really excited for him.
  4. [Signing] Panthers re-sign Aleksander Barkov

    He's one young star center coming up in the NHL, great deal for one of their most important franchise pieces.
  5. [PGT] Canucks 1-4 Capitals

    Our defense isn't very good, and we can't outscore our problems.    Our young guys all look promising, so long as they are put in the right system and afforded support to grow and develop well.   This would not be a bad year for the Canucks to miss the playoffs and get a high pick - the pool of talent is DEEP, and the high end crop is certainly appetizing. That being said, I find it hard to cheer against my team (having gone to many games this year), so I will cheer for them, and not be disappointed when they lose as it does have the silver lining of a top-end draft pick.
  6. Willie and Linden promised us speed. Well where is it?

    More like send Higgins to the glue factory...
  7. How to Fix Defence

    I think we have a chance at next year's free agency to make some big acquisitions. If we can acquire Ladd/Lucic, we may not be contenders, but we'll certainly ice a product that is more entertaining, and we won't be a team that gets bullied. Assuming we trade with contenders for futures and move: Vrbata 5 + Burrows 4.5 + Higgins 2.5 + Hamhuis 4.2 + Prust 2.5, that's $18.7M   Sedin-Sedin-Lucic Ladd-Sutter-Virtanen Dorsett-Horvat-Hansen Gaunce-McCann-Grenier Shinkaruk   Edler-Tanev Byfuglien-Hutton Sbisa-Tryamkin Pedan   Miller Markstrom
  8. [PGT] Stars 4, Canucks 2

    It's hard to watch games like this. We're out of it for such long stretches, and play seems so listless. And other times (1st period) it seems entertaining and a product worth watching.   I think we need to get value for any player we trade, irrespective of when we move them. Whether it's now, or the deadline, I hope that we do our due diligence, and come out well. Ideally, I'd like to get some 1st round picks, so we have assets of interest at the draft, and can make big moves.  I'd also hope we have lots of cap going into what looks to be a very attractive free agency class.
  9. Being a Canuck in Toronto.

    I'm in India right now, which is a 12.5 hour time difference from Vancouver. When I'm here I usually have to watch the games in the morning, but if I'm going to work, I'll usually power through it during a lunch break. 8 months of the year I'm home in Vancouver, but the rest of the year I travel on business. When I'm away, I'm sure to check highlights, watch pre/post game videos...and yes, waste countless hours on these very forums. I applaud your commitment to the team, despite the recent struggles (especially after the 2011 drop-off). True loyalty is rewarded as all patience is (hopefully), and I along with the rest of Canuck nation, hope to share the joy of a Stanley Cup one day! Until then, enjoy the process, support our team, and keep well!
  10. I remember when I was young kid, I was at a Vancouver Grizzles game sitting 1 row behind floor seats. During one of the timeouts, I noticed Scott Walker (who was then a real "Glue guy" on the Canucks) sitting a few seats over. With an anticipatory excitement, I walked over to him with small notepad I had from school with me, and asked him if he was Scott Walker. With a smile, he answered yes, and asked if I'd like an autograph, since I was holding a pen and a notepad. I was a bit star struck and just nodded rapidly, and he was great about the whole thing. He chuckled, asked my name, and asked if I wanted the guy sitting next to him to autograph the notepad too. I said "yes please" admittedly not knowing who it was, and it turned out to be Esa Tikkanen. It was my first time meeting a professional athlete, he really made my day, and I'll always cherish that moment. Welcome back to Vancouver Scott, you were a class act.
  11. Canucks Need Hutton

    Actually, Edler-Tanev was a fantastic pairing and I'm thrilled they both played so well against the opposing teams' best lines. The problem comes after Hamhuis, our 3-6 is meh.
  12. Jared McCann Talk

    McCann has been unreal, but let's not forget about what Gaunce can bring to the bottom 6. Size, speed, defensive awareness, leadership, and he's versatile like McCann in C/W. I think they've been the two best forwards, and Hutton has impressed a lot on D.
  13. I've watched golf tournaments like the U.S open, live, and the crowd gets loud when Tiger or Rory make a big putt, or hit an amazing shot. Don't compare Rogers library with the roars you hear from golf majors!