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  1. Benning on 1040 (02 May)

    He's 26, and the max contract term we could give him is 8 years, taking him to 34. he's a young veteran superstar entering the prime of his carrier, not an asshat on the tail end of his career fleecing a team. terrible comparison.
  2. Change What You Can Control

    Unless the Canucks drop ticket prices, I won't consider purchasing any season ticket packages. This season was abysmal, and next season doesn't look much better.
  3. I know we'll get a good player, but just once, it would've been nice to win something. we take a forward almost certainly, unless Benning feels very strongly about a particular dman
  4. The thought of Edmonton winning another lottery pick, let alone 1st, makes me sick.
  5. [GDT] 'Nucks @ Ducks, April 1st, 2016, 7pm, Sportsnet Pacific

    While I'm happy the team got a win, to feel good about themselves, and remember what that's like...'s to hoping we end up winning a lottery pick.

    I watched the game tonight, specifically to make sure we were tanking properly. Fortunately, we are.
  7. I'm torn to be quite honest. It's reasonable to expect that the Canucks will win at least 1-2 game before the end of the year, but logically this is not the game to do it, given our battle in the standings with Winnipeg. That being said, I have the utmost respect for Daniel Sedin as a player, a leader, and a person, and I think the team owes it to him to put out a great effort, and play cohesively for each other. I'm not apathetic to the outcome of the game, I just have mixed feelings that seem to balance each other out. This is one of the problems of a team with no apparent direction. Go Canucks Go - Win, and I'll be happy in the moment. Lose, and the pragmatic fan in me will smile for the future!
  8. Who will be the Next Franchise Player

    Auston Matthews
  9. I was going to make a joke about Edler's notable absence on there, but he's injured and that would be in poor taste.
  10. Friday meeting with Jim B...

    "After taking a dump on Canucks fans' hopes and dreams, will you be wiping with your left hand or right hand?"
  11. Friday meeting with Jim B...

    Today, I felt like a part of me died.
  12. [Trade] Jamie McGinn to Ducks

    It appears once again, that all the teams around us are making the right moves. The ones competing, or the ones rebuilding, all make Vancouver look inept.
  13. Today I woke up, and put a lot of my remaining faith in our management group. Logic dictates that if we have the asset coming back in the summer, ANY return is better than no return. Today, the team upset me more than it has in the past 2 years. We failed to act, and the teams around us, once again, appear to be making all the right moves.
  14. To put things into perspective, bobby ryan is not a small player. He's a power forward/big skilled winger, so kudos to Jake.
  15. Hamhuis should be able to get more than Pokka - hopefully Dallas drives up the price with Honka +