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  1. The answer to this problem is obvious:  Every team that doesn't make the playoffs has an equal chance of drafting 1st-14th.  Just completely randomly seed 1-14 draft picks.  
  2. Let's Get Rid of the 3 point games

    This is how every sensible sports league does it.   Edit: Although I do believe that some leagues have 3 points for regulation win, and then only 1 point each for a draw... which is even better, because that encourages teams to push for the win in regulation. Although I like the idea of 3 points regulation win, 2 points for OT/SO win, and 1 point for OT/SO loss.
  3. I definitely think there's something wrong with Steve Yzerman as a GM when it comes to re-signing players.  I think that Yzerman took some hometown discounts to stay with the Red Wings and have a competitive team.  That may sound crazy considering he was making 7-8 million per year, but if you look at his contemporaries such as Joe Sakic, many of them were making 9-10 million per year back then.  Yzerman most likely could have commanded the same, but chose to take less and stay with Detroit.  In the end it paid off and they won lots of Stanley Cups. He's a good GM as far as assessing talent goes, that's for sure... but I think he needs to accept that NHL player and locker room culture has changed.  Hometown discounts just don't happen that much anymore. The sad thing is that some team WILL overpay 12 million / year for Stamkos, and it will be a terrible albatross of a contract.  Wherever Stamkos goes, it is unlikely that he will ever win a Stanley Cup with that kind of a contract.

    1) I'm glad there's no Weber or Higgins in our lineup anymore...  2) Still not sold on Vey.  He's been alright since coming back from the AHL, but he needs to keep his work ethic at a high level. 3) McCann and Horvat have been great, but having them as #1 / #2 centres must make WD cringe a bit. We definitely need another goaltending clinic to win this one.  I see that top line getting a goal, and another dirty goal coming from our 4th line.  If we can sneak in a 2-2 regulation tie, we win it in overtime/SO. But, I think the Rangers might just edge us 3-2...
  5. GDT- Canucks vs Islanders - January 17 2016 - 1pm

    This is how you defend a lead... you don't just sit back and defend.  You play the damn game and keep the puck in their end...  Now watch the next line come on, defend, and give up a goal.
  6. Except Shattenkirk only has one year left on his contract.  I guarantee that any trade for Shattenkirk (if the receiving team is smart) will contain a conditional pick clause.  If Shattenkirk extends his contract with the team, then the Blues get an extra 1st round pick. 
  7. Benning's war plan: 1) Trade deadline   - trade Ryan miller.  He's been great for us, but Markstrom is ready to take over.    - trade Vrbata; hopefully we get a decent draft pick for him   - re-sign or trade Hamhuis (extending him at a reasonable term/salary might be good)   - trade Bartkowski for a pick.  Playoff bound teams will take a depth dman.   - I'd say trade Yannick Weber... but I'm not sure anyone would want him with this awful year. 2) NHL draft   - we should have lots of picks if we trade Miller, Vrbata, Bartkowski, and possibly Hamhuis   - just pick the best player available... as always 3) NHL free agency   - this could be big.  Some big contracts could be gone, especially if we trade Miller.   - our biggest need is obviously on defense, and probably a decent backup goalie   - we should consider extending Alex Biega... He's undersized but I think he's decent. There's lots of interesting free agents looming, and a lot of teams are up against the cap.  If we are patient and let other teams overspend on the top free agents, we could get some midrange free agents at a reasonable price and term.  We could pick up a 2nd pairing dman and top 6 winger if we play our cards right.  A back-up goalie shouldn't be too difficult to find on the free agent market. Worst case scenario is that Benning overpays for someone like Stamkos or Keith Yandle... Best case scenario is we pick up a 2nd pairing dman and top 6 winger for a reasonable price.   For example, I'd much rather we sign Carl Gunnarsson than Keith Yandle.  Although, it looks like the Blues are probably going to trade Shattenkirk and re-sign Gunnarsson, but there will be equivalent defenseman available.
  8. [GDT] Panthers @ Canucks

    I would like to see that.  I had big hopes that Yannick Weber could be a solid bottom pairing defenseman... but his stats are just awful this year.
  9. [GDT] Panthers @ Canucks

    No man, we need to make sure that Yannick Weber and Linden Vey play every single game.  They are the core of our team.  Without them, we are lost. But in all honesty I don't really pay close attention to which side defenseman play.  My guess is Weber and Pedan don't play the same side, in which case it's either Pedan or Bartkowski.
  10. Is Bo just scratching the surface?

    I think this year is a posing a huge challenge to Bo Horvat.  I'm hoping that he keeps his head down and plows through it.  He's facing a huge step up in competition.  He was relatively sheltered last year, but this year he's been drawing some huge matchups.  If he doesn't break mentally, he's going to be way better next year.
  11. We Canucks fans are extremely lucky...

    Sorry, that was a typo -- my bad.  I meant to type 30 goal scorer.  
  12. We Canucks fans are extremely lucky...

    I have.  Some of them are quite impressive, like Ed Belfour, Adam Oates, Dino Cicarelli, and Peter Statsny.  I'm not saying Tanev will eclipse them.  But players like Borje Salming shouldn't really count because NHL teams didnt' draft nearly as many European players back then, if any at all.   And take Dan Boyle for example: He had a career high of 20 goals and 43 points in 06-07.  That's not exactly remarkable.  I can list plenty of NHL defenseman with better scoring stats that weren't as good as good as Boyle.  Dan Boyle was exactly what Chris Tanev is:  A good defender that made very few mistakes, and was a leader by example. I can honestly see Tanev having a long, steady NHL career punctuated by good +/- ratings and excellent fancy stats, and one that could easily equal Dan Boyle.
  13. We Canucks fans are extremely lucky...

    He's dropped off a lot lately; I completely agree with that.  But man, Burrows was a 30 goal scorer and a big part of our team from 2009-2012.  We wouldn't have even had our Stanley Cup run in 2011 if it wasn't for his overtime goal against the Chicago Blackhawks.  This was at a time when many Canucks fans felt that Chicago completely had our number (we were up 3-1 in that series, I believe).  
  14. To have Chris Tanev on our team.  I mean, the guy is an advanced stats beast.  He's as cool as they come, and he lets his play on the ice speak for him.   To think that we landed a player of his caliber undrafted is ridiculous.  We were lucky that we got Burrows undrafted (although many Canucks fans seem to have forgotten how awesome he was for us).  If Chris Tanev has the kind of career I think he will, he may go down as one of the top 10 undrafted NHL players of all time, and that's saying something.
  15. And therein lies my motivation behind this post.  I didn't really want to get into this, since it is just rampant speculation. There have been a lot of insinuations that Stamkos has engaged in backdoor talks with the Maple Leafs, which are clearly disallowed under the CBA.  He cannot in any way shape or form negotiate directly or indirectly with the Leafs while under contract with the Lightning.  This is essentially the hockey version of cheating. Who knows what will happen.  Maybe Stamkos really will re-sign with the Lightning, and this entire conversation is moot.   However, if Stamkos refuses trades and then signs with the Leafs next year, the Lightning should file a grievance with the league to demand compensation from the Maple Leafs.  That would all but confirm that Stamkos engaged in illegal backdoor negotiations with the Leafs.