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  1. I actually feel bad for Tom Wilson of the Capitals, since he's probably going to get suspended for his hit on Aston-Reese, and the head contact is 100% Aston-Reese's fault in my opinion. Simply put, Aston-Reese was stick handling with his head down, and ran straight into a lane in which Tom Wilson lined him up. Instead of simply taking the shoulder to his chest and having the wind knocked out of him, Aston-Reese looks up and prepares his shoulder to counter the hit. This actually makes the hit more dangerous for Tom Wilson, -- if he takes Aston-Reese's shoulder to his arm, he could break his humerus bone. In response to Aston-Reese's lowered shoulder, Tom Wilson raises into the hit to defend himself, making contact with Aston-Reese's Jaw. The rules should place the onus on the out-of-position player to take a clean hit. All these players that try to turtle or shy away from clean hits end up making them more dangerous. The exact same thing happens when players are caught and turn their backs to a hit, and go face-first into the boards.
  2. Markstrom's first shutout??

    Hahaha nope, guess Markstrom couldn't pull it off.
  3. Markstrom's first shutout??

    Has Jakob Markstrom ever had a shutout? His stats show zero so far in his career -- I think I heard that from another poster. Might he finally break the goose-egg by getting a goose-egg?
  4. Best word to describe Brock Boeser?

    He's just amazing. And all the people saying "he needs to develop his 200 foot game" need to shut up. We don't want to stifle his offensive creativity. Brock seems like a guy that takes the game seriously, and like most players he will naturally improve his play in his own end. We haven't had a naturally talented goal scorer like this since Marcus Naslund... We need to just let him do his thing, because we're lucky to have him.
  5. I hope they give Nilsson a shot. Markstrom's performances can best be described as erratic. He goes on great runs where he's hot, and then he lets in the softest of soft goals. It's tough to motivate a team when they never know what goalie will show up in net. Nilsson is less than 2GAA with a 0.942 %Sv, which are incredible numbers. However, as most people have pointed out -- that sample size is too small. I'd love to see Nilsson play 50% of the games. I'm not sure why it isn't going that way. Markstrom has done nothing to prove he deserves the #1 spot to himself. We should go 1A/1B for the next 2-3 months and see how that pans out.
  6. Players worth DELETING for picks.

    Louis Erikkson... That guy makes me angry. Very disappointing so far, although I suppose we can't blame him for injuries. I doubt we'd get anything for Eriksson, unless the Canucks agreed to retain 50% of his salary. At this point we might as well give him a chance and see if he can't produce some value. Sutter has also been disappointing; he had a good start this season, but has dropped off a bit. He wasn't really an improvement over Nick Bonino, so we lost value in that trade overall. Granlund isn't showing that can be a solid 3rd line player, which is what we expected -- but Hunter Shinkaruk hasn't been doing much better. So far no one is winning that trade. Burmistrov has been OK. I think we should keep him and see where he goes. Another problem is MDZ... that guy is a defensive liability so far. Part of the problem is that he's being overdeployed as a pseudo first line D man, when he's an average 2nd pairing D man.
  7. I was really impressed with Vancouver last night. The Dallas Stars have the best powerplay in the league, and we held them to only 1 goal on 5 PP's. We also won 59% of the faceoffs and outshot them 39-29. The Stars mostly won on the strong play of Ben Bishop. Sometimes goaltenders are in the zone and steal a win -- it happens. If the Canucks can keep outshooting opponents and dominating faceoffs, good things will happen.
  8. Also didn't someone point out Markstrom has yet to have an NHL shutout, ever? Not sure if that's true -- haven't researched it. But Nilsson has 2 shutouts this season already.
  9. If Nilsson keeps playing like this... it's his spot. His only "bad game" was when the Bruins put 3 goals into the net on a 5 man penalty. It sounded a lot like that game was a general team derailment, so I don't hold it against him 100%. If you discount that game his numbers have been unreal.
  10. Kevin Bieksa one punch, miss him.

    I agree. I'm gad to see him dishing out some enforcement. I don't like most of the ducks (especially Kesler/Perry), but I hope for Bieksa's sake they win a cup. He deserves it.
  11. I agree, and for this reason I don't think Green is *that* much better than Torts or Willie. Green is simply in the right place at the right time. The Sedins have really been disappointing for the past 3-4 seasons. The team definitely needed to change... but it couldn't. We just didn't have the young players and new personnel to effect such change. With the addition of Boeser & Vanek, the return of Dorsett, and Virtanen *finally* looking ready for the NHL, we've got enough young blood to give the Sedins a secondary role. I mean, at this point the Sedins probably should be the 3rd line, not the 2nd line. We should have been able to replace the Sedins as the 1st line 2-3 years ago! The fact that didn't happen is a failure of management, going all the way back to Mike Gillis' early days. Green is able to change the team mostly because he's the 1st Canucks coach in 5 years who actually has the personnel on the team to allow such change.
  12. Do we have the best 4th line in the league?

    True -- we really don't have an NHL quality 1st line. The BHB line has a lot of potential if Boeser can ease his way into the league this year. They could easily be 1st line quality next year. I think I agree with most posters here that we have a 2A and 2B, and 3A and 3B lineup. But I like the scoring by committee approach. Our top players don't get exhausted playing 20-25 minutes a game, and no one player or line feels the pressure to score for the team to win. If one line is having an off night, then the other lines can get more ice time.
  13. Whether you consider our '4th line' to be Gagner-Burmistrov-Vanek, or Granlund-Sutter-Dorsett, do we have the best 4th line in the league? Either of these lines could be considered a very decent 3rd line in the NHL. I must admit I haven't followed other teams as closely this year. However, to me this is one of the best 4th lines we've ever had. I'm really liking the balance in our lines. In fact, the only weakness thus far has been the Sedin line -- Dank and Hank are a combined -6 and only have 7 points between them. I consider them our 2nd line now, behind the BHB line. If the Sedins can get going, we could be rolling 4 lines with constant threats.
  14. We need a #1 goalie...

    The problem is the team is coming along in the rebuild, and it's almost time to start being competitive again. At some point losing becomes prohibitive to player development. We don't really have a #1 goalie on the horizon. I don't really count Demko, because IMO he needs minimum 3 years before he's ready for the #1 job... and that's minimum. We need a #1 goalie within the next 2 years, at least one that can help the team be competitive.
  15. We need a #1 goalie...

    To add to this thread... I guess we aren't panicking as badly as the Oilers. Cam Talbot has an ugly 3.96GAA and 0.880 %SV. And that's including his first win of the season which was a 3-0 shutout against Calgary.