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  1. How good were we in 2011?

    ^this the canucks were far and away the best team that season.
  2. Top 30 Canucks Prospects - #23

    this is so depressing our prospect pool is pretty terrible
  3. Apparently turning your back absolves you from any repercussions for your actions. naivety at its finest
  4. [Signing] Blues sign Peter Mueller

    he should not be allowed to play. this guy is gonna be completely fucked up down the road
  5. Season Tickets for Canucks

    i have season tickets in the non drinking section and have never had a problem selling
  6. a lot of bleeding hearts in this thread
  7. Good for him. Nothing can happen to him. Castle doctrine reigns supreme in the states. She was barely out the door and where he lives you can use deadly force in your home or the immediate vicinity outside your home.
  8. * Intro Song(s) *

    badminton is pretty damn intense
  9. Bring back Krog!!!!!
  10. Could Canucks use Del Zotto?

  11. A rare insightful and knowledgeable post, would read again. Thanks for contributing.
  12. Canucks Summer Summit 7/8/2014

    give them a break holy shit you guys crying too much about it
  13. Package for the first overall/second overall

    Only Tavares? Do you watch hockey?