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  1. Who was/is the better back up? Schneider or Lack?

    And Schneider was disliked...? You people are crazy, it's just like the "Schneider has an attitude problem-thread".
  2. They sound a hell of a lot less retarded than CDC.
  3. Too Early to call Kassian a dissapointment?

    Kassian is like three years older...?
  4. Should we re-sign Mike Santorelli?

    No, but perhaps we should re-sign him...
  5. [GDT] Blue Jackets @ Canucks - Friday 7PM

  6. Haha, if we got him we'd be even more disliked/hated than we already are...
  7. Don’t Re-sign the Sedin Twins

    So you're proposing that we give them a contract with the same caphit that David Clarkson got?
  8. Don’t Re-sign the Sedin Twins

    Pretty sure that Linden wasn't here when they first came to Vancouver. They were mentored by Näslund, Öhlund, Bertuzzi and Jovanovski. But yeah, those were some classy players too....
  9. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    Yeah, 'cause everyone hates Russians like Pavel Bure...
  10. Overated/ Underated Game

    They should really change the name of this thread to "Vintage and Absent Canuck's thread"...
  11. Overated/ Underated Game

    No idea... Sidney Crosby's mustache
  12. (Article)NHL goalie rankings: Is Luongo still elite?

    Luongo is the fourth best goaltender in the NHL according to CDC...
  13. Hunter Shinkaruk | C/W

    That number 18 guy on his line seemed like a great playmaker! Who was he and when was he drafted?
  14. Who is the best Canuck of all time...?

    What I mean to say is that you can't just look at the stats and then say who was the best player; they played during diefferent eras, and also there are aspects of the game that stats cannot capture: Trevor Linden is a great example of this; he was all about heart and determination, something that you cannot see in his stats.