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  1. Funny Pics

    LOL @ the Facebook Rick roll
  2. I miss the West coast line :'( Bring2 of them back :)

  3. Jannik Hansen

    I believed that Hansen just scored a goal
  4. Where can I watch HBO 24/7 online? msg me plz

  5. I will forgive the allege rioters if they say "sorry" to the city of vancouver

    1. goalie13


      How about if they start by saying "guilty".

  6. Holy... the new fear factor :o

    1. canuck_trevor16
    2. Sully2Cool


      yup Fear factor is back my 2'nd favorite show.

  7. Chris Neil is a fheg

    1. Perry Henis

      Perry Henis

      we need a player like him on the nucks