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  1. I literally laughed out loud when I read the title.
  2. I really like this trade. It has Benning's trademark all over it. Take a once highly touted prospect in his early 20s, when his stock is down, for a pretty low return and try to ressurect his career, which proved to be very successful with Baertschi and Granlund. I thought we should've claimed Pokka, this trade just clarified that for me.
  3. [Waivers] 3 players - Sept. 29, 2017

    But in the current state of the Canucks, I don't think we should be thinking about winning. Pokka was a really touted prospect when Chicago acquired him in the trade for Leddy, and played in a really crappy Rockford team last season, which finished in the 27th place in the AHL. Yes, he was a -25, but he also had 30 points, good for 4th (!!!) in the team in scoring. He's a 23 year old RHD who, in my opinion, should be the a player the Canucks are after. I would send Biega down and give Pokka a shot in the NHL, no questions. Benning really likes players in their early 20s with upside, and managed to "revive" Baertschi's and Granlund's NHL careers. If he claims Pokka, I will be really happy and excited.
  4. (Article) Tryamkin was right

    I remember the time the Canucks drafted Tryamkin. 'A 6'7 Russian defenseman? Holy crap, we just got ourselves the next Chara' The Chara comparison became nothing but a pipedream after a while. Then Tryamkin came, played and is now a regular defenseman on our lineup. He has exceeded my expectations tremendously, and I guess not just mine. Suddenly, the Chara comparison doesn't seem that ridiculous, does it? He's a good skater. Can become a great one. Has fantastic reach. Defensive game can be better, sure. But he has the smarts. He reads the play well. Plays on the PK. And once he rounds out his defensive game, you can bet he will feel more comfortable in the ofensive zone. To expect Chara numbers from him perhaps is way too much, but the ceiling is there. A huge, physical and with great potential defenseman. I can definitely see Tyramkin facing the opposition's best forwards in a few years. And we all remember how tough was to play against Chara when he was on his prime. I think it will be no different for Tryamkin. Let's hope the Canucks develop him properly
  5. [Report] Canucks Claim F Reid Boucher

    Elliotte Friedman @FriedgeHNIC 3m VAN claims Boucher Interesting
  6. [Report] Canucks recall goalie Thatcher Demko

    Demko played this Friday for the Comets, Carteig would start tonight on a back to back anyway. Utica won't play again until Wednesday. Thatcher has been very good since taking over as #1 after Bachman got injured, why not call him up? If it's just for a couple of days, he won't miss any games with the Comets. Plus, how do you think he would feel: playing his best hockey of the season, showing great signs he can be an AHL starter, and your franchise calls up the dude backing you up? I think the Canucks absolutely made the right call.
  7. Brazilian Soccer Team:Plane Crash

    This was the toughest day I've had at work. I'm a sports journalist and this is the worst tragedy in the history of Brazilian sport. A terrible day, emotions flowing all over. Nice to know the news have gone worldwide, such amazing support from all over the globe.
  8. [Rumour] TSN - Canucks still kicking tires on Kane

    Didn't read ALL of that, cause it's a huge article, but that is basically my point. I wouldn't do Hutton for Kane, so I'm glad all the rumours are shutout.
  9. [Rumour] TSN - Canucks still kicking tires on Kane

    The thing with Buffalo is: they have Ristolainen, Bogosian, Kulikov, Gorges and McCabe on their D. Gorges has a NMC, so he must be protected at the expansion drafted (unless he accepts being exposed). All the other 4 I mentioned also need protection. So unless the Sabers get a real upgrade in one of them, I can't see them trading Kane for, let's say, a Sbisa and let him go unprotected to Las Vegas. That's trading Kane for a rental. Same problem goes for Tanev, Edler and Gudbranson, who also need protection. Are they that much of and upgrade on Bogosian, Kulikov (who they just traded for)? But one Canucks D who doesn't need protection is Ben Hutton. That makes a lot of sense if I'm Buffalo.
  10. [Rumour] TSN - Canucks still kicking tires on Kane

    Don't know if Bob did say this, but anyway: Canucks Now @CanucksNow Bob McKenzie on Evander Kane: "There's a connection to the #Canucks. We'll follow closely because it could happen relatively soon." Translate Tweet
  11. [Pre-season GDT/PGT] Canucks vs Coyotes

    Strongest lineup so far, thought we we're seeing Virtanen, but he's clearly not being rushed. Hoping for a good W tonight, like our odds even more with Marky in net
  12. [GDT/PGT] Preseason Oct. 2nd - Canucks vs. Sharks 5 PM PST

    Came here just to see the rants on the too many men penalty lol
  13. [GDT/PGT] Preseason Oct. 2nd - Canucks vs. Sharks 5 PM PST

    Really like the top 4 pairings, expecting great exhibitions from Juolevi and Stecher. Interesting to see Gaunce centering the theorical 4th line, but playing as the 2nd tonight. Hope he produces and keep pushing for a roster spot
  14. [Report]Lindholm seeking 8 year $48 million extension

    $6M for EIGHT years? I would definitely do it for Lindholm. He's 22, so that contract would take him until he's 30, basically all his prime years.
  15. Youngstars 2016?

    So today's game is at 7:30 pm PT?