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  1. So the wife and I settle in to watch the Canucks last home game of the season, on fan appreciation night, like we do every contest. We have our fingers cross that John, John and Murph get to call the last home game of the year. Nope. We get Mr. Lispy and his crew. Thanks very much HNIC. If you want to show you don't favour any one Canadian team over another, why not assign the guy with the speech impediment to a Leafs game once in a while and sit their home boys. Still, thanks very much for a good season of calling, particularly some very slow games, to Shorty, Cheech, Murph and Irf. You guys are always entertaining.
  2. For about the second time this year, actually has a Canucks story.
  3. Plus the Cali teams. I'd also add in Edmonton to that.
  4. That would be so cool and he certainly deserves such a fitting salute!
  5. Story about Bo on ... guess a writer got bored hyping the Leafs.
  6. Bo is No. 1. But Tryamkin is climbing fast -- I just love the way he charges to protect his goalie after the play stops. Hope he gets more beast-like against the Dirty Ducks and the Laughs this week.
  7. Just wait until Brock and Olli are ready to go at the NHL level. Bo will be a young veteran then.
  8. Throw the Blues, Sabres and Laughs in the mix for the race to the Cup with Vegas. As long as it doesn't get won by the Laughs, ever --- just imagine the Toronto-based media hype on that one.
  9. Received the season preview edition of The Hockey News today. The THN prediction for the Canucks is 30th overall. "Worst forward group in league despite legit top line of Eriksson and Sedins. Defense and goaltending bottom-five, too." No mention of Rodin on the depth chart (five projected lines). Here is the lineup THN listed: Forwards 1 - Twins and Eriksson 2 - Baert., Bo and Hansen 3 - Burrows, Sutter and Virtanen 4 - Gaunce, Granlund and Dorsett 5 - Zalewski, Chaput, Etem Defence 1 - Edler, Tanev 2 - Hutton, Gudbranson 3 - Juolevi, Tryamkin 4 - Sbisa, Biega 5 - Pedan, Subban Goalies 1 - Miller 2 - Markstrom 3 - Bachman Other predictions from THN - Tampa beats Dallas to win the Stanley Cup, Crosby wins the Hart, McDavid wins the scoring title, Karlsson wins the Norris, Matthews wins the Calder, and the Leafs move up to 25th overall in power rankings (ahead of NJ, Car., Ariz., Buff and Van). Reminder: THN is now owned by Quebecor, the people who bring you Sun Media and the Toronto Sun.
  10. This Vice crap is not quite as bad as the TSN coverage for free agent frenzy. Before any moves were announced they ranked Eriksson as the second best UFA available. He signs with Vancouver, suddenly it becomes laughable to sign him. Meanwhile, the Great Leafs pay $10 million for a fourth liner and it hailed as a genius move. National sports media, all based in Toronto, should be ashamed of their biased coverage, non-existent work ethic, and dreadful research skills. The Hockey News, which is now owned by Quebecor (the same professional news writers that bring you the Toronto Sun), is no better. I live in Northern Ontario, cheer for the Canucks, but follow the entire league. It is laughable how many people swallow the tripe and hype being served up to them year after year.
  11. I will really miss Corey. Best of luck to him in the future. Stock, Healy and Cox are complete waste of space, good riddance.
  12. My wife and I are huge Canuck fans, but enjoy all NHL games. Having seen the variety of broadcast teams from across the league in the Centre Ice package over the last view seasons, we find ourselves questioning the choices of the selections made by CNIC or Sportsnet for crews during the playoffs (except for the regional guys who cover the games in the regular season ... they are far more interesting to listen to than the Toronto-based talking heads). I have came up with a drinking game for playoff broadcasts. Be sure to only sip, or you will be wasted by the halfway mark of the first period. Feel free to add your own drinking rules to the game. - Every time the play-by-play announcer says wall, half-wall or side-wall instead of boards, take a drink. (And give him a two-minute minor for walling). - Every time an announcer mentions a stat that was flashed a few minutes ago below the score/clock graphic (or visa versa) ... take a drink. - Every time an announcer refers to a player as "the best in the game/league" at a particular skill, take a drink. - Whenever the intermission panel makes a joke about each other and laughs too loud about it, take a drink. (or better yet, hit mute and drink at your leisure) - Whenever comments made by the panel in the designated half-hour pregame show, are repeated at the start of the game broadcast, in the 10-15 minutes of setup prior to the opening face off, take a drink. - whenever the play-by-play or colour announcer repeats himself on a fact or stat (like Jagr's age or a player's point total for the regular season), take a drink. - Whenever commentary can't be understood due to a speech impediment by the play-by-play or colour announcer, take a drink. - During broadcasts of Duck games, whenever Romanuk/Johnson talk about how great Kesler is, take a drink. - Whenever someone mentions the Toronto Maple Leafs, take a drink. - During wide shots of the group in the studio, if Elliotte Friedman's socks are over-exposed because his pants are hiked up/too short, take a drink (plus point and laugh). - Whenever they finally mention the score of another game in progress, take a drink (most other non-CBC-Sportsnet broadcasts during the regular season show scores for all sports across the bottom during the entire game). - Whenever the play-by-play announcer plugs a CBC show that has absolutely nothing to due with hockey, take a drink. - Whenever you find yourself missing Shorty, John, Murph and Irf, take a drink.
  13. The bigger question should be coming from San Jose fans ... can they get past the first round with their diving act when they have to play another Cali team in the first round? League favoritism (California rules) go out the window when Cali teams play each other or original six teams (Remember the last time we played the Shark Divers in the playoffs ... also ask St. Louis fans how they were hosed a couple year's back against the LA Drug Kings). Five and a game was more than enough for Jake's interference. Bigger jokes were Daniel's "push from behind" and Granlund's goalie interference call (and the Oscar goes to JR) in the late stages of a close game.
  14. Congratulations Daniel. A true professional on and off the ice, in every sense of the word.