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  1. Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. ― George Carlin
  2. Girl that flashed the guy in the penalty box during a hockey game got fired. So, I have no problem firing this guy.
  3. Why so prudish? I always find it funny when I watch movies from the 80's and see a lot more casual nudity than today's films. Now, any areoli will get an R rating, which is rediculous. I would have thought society would have become more progressive, but I guess not.
  4. I believe there is such a thing as land transfer tax. Everytime a $1M house sells, the BC government gets $18K.
  5. In my opinion, nudity should be allowed.
  6. I have no sympathy for her, but I don't agree with the court decision. Seems like a case of who has the better lawyer.
  7.     How is it possible to be 89.9999% vegetarian? Isn't being vegetarian a binary condition (you are or you are not)? That is like claiming to be a 50% serial killer because you only kill at night.
  8. Here is the equation: My utility from consuming animals > (my loss of utility from suffering of animal + my loss of utility from spending $$$ on meat of said animal) Quite frankly, I don't need an excuse as the above sums it up why.
  9. Why does anybody need an excuse to eat meat? I think the basic equation here is: My personal pleasure from consuming meat > (than my guilt towards animals consumed + cost of meat) Certainly, someone may have been ignorant to the suffering that an animal endures to produce meat, one day realizes this and decides to stop consumption of meat. But speaking for myself, I am fully aware and choose to eat meat.
  10. At stage 4 for lung cancer, the chance of being cured is very small. Not that I'm being cold about it, but at that stage,it is really about extending life as long as you can with a reasonable quality of life. In the case of cannibis oil, there is no real down side to trying. But I think the key here is to manage expectations.
  11. Just conjecturing, but I think the "bad faith" part is more likely a situation where: 1) CBC asks for information that would proove that he did not force these acts upon these women (therefore no abuse). 2) CBC upon acquiring this information, uses the information to justify terminating his employment. Not for the fact that he forced these acts upon the woman, but for the fact that these acts happened at all (sexual deviance), invoking a morality clause in his contract by using the information gained under false pretenses in (1).
  12. LOL, now that I read some of his earlier posts, I see he must be trolling. (at least I sincerely hope so)
  13. I work with new graduates from SFU and UBC who are probably in the top 5-10% of their graduating class in terms of GPA. We pay them nowhere near what OP expects. You would have to be a solid performer for 4-5 years before you would get $60K.
  14. I should probably follow through one of these days and get an earthquake kit ready.
  15. I also pictured a beefier Grey Worm, but given the hot climate of Astapor, it would make sense for him to be on the skinny side.