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  1. 391 bucks for an Easter bunny costume?!

    I have no sympathy for her, but I don't agree with the court decision. Seems like a case of who has the better lawyer.
  2. Vancouver Salaries: Lowest in Canada?

    LOL, now that I read some of his earlier posts, I see he must be trolling. (at least I sincerely hope so)
  3. Vancouver Salaries: Lowest in Canada?

    I work with new graduates from SFU and UBC who are probably in the top 5-10% of their graduating class in terms of GPA. We pay them nowhere near what OP expects. You would have to be a solid performer for 4-5 years before you would get $60K.
  4. OMG Earthquake?

    I should probably follow through one of these days and get an earthquake kit ready.
  5. I also pictured a beefier Grey Worm, but given the hot climate of Astapor, it would make sense for him to be on the skinny side.
  6. Didn't see this mentioned, but a new chapter was released in January for the upcoming Winds of Winter.