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  1. Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. ― George Carlin
  2. Girl that flashed the guy in the penalty box during a hockey game got fired. So, I have no problem firing this guy.
  3. Why so prudish? I always find it funny when I watch movies from the 80's and see a lot more casual nudity than today's films. Now, any areoli will get an R rating, which is rediculous. I would have thought society would have become more progressive, but I guess not.
  4. I believe there is such a thing as land transfer tax. Everytime a $1M house sells, the BC government gets $18K.
  5. In my opinion, nudity should be allowed.
  6. I have no sympathy for her, but I don't agree with the court decision. Seems like a case of who has the better lawyer.
  7.     How is it possible to be 89.9999% vegetarian? Isn't being vegetarian a binary condition (you are or you are not)? That is like claiming to be a 50% serial killer because you only kill at night.
  8. Jesus could use some lens flare.
  9.     Let's all be glad that you are not the law. Your statements presuppose that the shooters, if caught, would not get at least the minimum sentence of 3 years.
  10. Here is the equation: My utility from consuming animals > (my loss of utility from suffering of animal + my loss of utility from spending $$$ on meat of said animal) Quite frankly, I don't need an excuse as the above sums it up why.
  11. This is a good thing, last thing we need is an american style jail everybody mentality. Either you did something that warrants jail time or you didn't. By having minimum sentences, you just run into situations where people that shouldn't be imprisoned are put into prison. Nobody is saying that gun crimes shouldn't be punished, but as in everything in life, discretion is necessary.
  12. Always seems weird to me how the need to be a thug can persist even after you have achieved financial success like Aaron did. The other ones I'm thinking about is Plaxico Burress (self inflicted gun shot wound) and Michael Vick (dogs). Probably many more that I can't recall at the moment. But I wonder, how much does the thug mentality influence their ability to achieve success in the NFL? In other words, if Aaron wasn't the type of person that could commit murder, he might have only been a good TE rather than an excellent one?
  13. Why does anybody need an excuse to eat meat? I think the basic equation here is: My personal pleasure from consuming meat > (than my guilt towards animals consumed + cost of meat) Certainly, someone may have been ignorant to the suffering that an animal endures to produce meat, one day realizes this and decides to stop consumption of meat. But speaking for myself, I am fully aware and choose to eat meat.
  14. Is CanadianLoonie trolling or just obtuse? What's so hard to understand here with net neutrality? As a consumer, you paid the a cable company to bring you the internet. The cable company then wants to decide what pieces of the internet you can access in an unimpeded fashion. Rules don't require require the cable company do anything really, just to honor the agreement of bringing the consumer the internet that they paid for.
  15. Wow, I remember this being talked about since I was in highschool. I had assumed that everything has been upgraded since.