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  1. NHL Game Center vs. Centre Ice I'm in Alberta and am looking for the best way to watch every Canucks game (instead of just the nationally televised ones.) I seemingly have two choices (unless someone has another);'s Game Center or Centre Ice through Shaw (my cable provider). Game Centre is $150 and available on my iPhone, computer and TV (PS3). Centre Ice is $200 and only available on my TV. Now that seems like an easy choice, but I have heard some not so great reviews of Game Centre, citing that it is not HD and the stream isn't always smooth. I've never needed to purchase anything like before so am looking for any returning customers for advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. If you want to find something negative about the holidays, it pretty hard to get back into your favourite TV shows after weeks of absence. The one thing I really don't love about HIMYM is the fact that the episodes are only 20-22 minutes in length, and when you are dealing with 5 main characters, it's pretty difficult to successfully move a plot along while remaining humourous. Still, love the show, glad its back to its weekly episodes.