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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    Who cares about the win when your best players goes down because of dirty hit and it goes un answered. Green should get a lot of blame for not allowing any response to what happened. Disappointed in the players even horvat. He should not get the C. A good captain never let this slide. Stamkos not known to be a fighter but he always stands up for his teammates. No veteran on this team deserves to wear the C. Just wait and hope canucks get jack hughes. Give the C to jack, quinn or EP
  2. Thanks for all the memories henrik and daniel
  3. [Proposal] Canucks - Islanders

    Tanev + vanek +3rd to nyi for cgy 1st , nyi 1st and bellows
  4. Vanek's Value (Circa Jan. 2, 2018) Discussion

    if vanek still putting up points then a late 1st rd pick is a possible from a team that will go all in.
  5. [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    No more lollygagging by the tank
  6. [Report] Matthew Tkachuk suspended 1 game

    this guy will not learn. It may be tkachuk > juolevi now but in 2 years people will really see benning made the right choice (between the 2) juolevi >tkachuk starting in 2-3 years and for the rest of their career.
  7. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    Duchene is good but he is almost 27. Benning should just keep juolevi or try to pry a younger C like sam reinhart instead. He fits the age group of the new canucks core (boeser,pettersson). But whatever they do, do not trade van 1st. That is a top 5 pick in a deep draft.
  8. my rankings so far: 1 hischier 2 patrick 3 mittelstadt - very skilled offensively. If he can improve his defense, could be a home run pick. 4 vilardi - i see him as a winger more than a centre. He'll have success like tkachuk. 5 necas- 2 way centre with great speed. If he can improve his shot accuracy, he can be a legit 1st liner in the nhl. HM: glass, heiskanen, makar, liljegren(i believe he can have a bounce back year when 100% healthy), pettersson(could be the steal of this draft when he bulks up and if he's able to translate his skills to the nhl). Benning cant really mess this up. I dont think he'll be drafting rasmussen with virtanen pick not working out so far. If benning can trade tanev for a pick between #7-12, he can draft 2 of these guys.
  9. The Day After. Draft or Trade?

    draft bpa or package #5 oa for puljujarrvi.
  10. (Discussion) 5th, 33rd and later picks

    5th oa: mittelstadt, necas vilardi 33rd - hoping one of these guys are available by then but unlikely : yamamoto, thomas, hague bonus: trade tanev for pick between #7 -12 overall. Draft one of: makar, heiskanen, liljegren
  11. yep i see both drafting a dman this draft 2 of makar, heiskanen, liljegren will be gone by the time canucks pick but there will be lots of choices of centres: mittlestadt, glass, vilardi, necas. I see mittlestadt becoming a canuck come draft day.
  12. what do you know, eastern teams get top 2 picks
  13. I see top 5 draft goes like this: 1 NJ - Hischier2 Philly - Patrick3 Dallas - Vilardi4 colorado - Heiskanen5 vancouver - Mittlestadt At #5 theres also glass makar necas available
  14. package the pick trade for jesse puljujarrvi from the oilers
  15. Predictions to results of NHL Draft Lotto

    avs canucks red wings