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  1. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    Duchene is good but he is almost 27. Benning should just keep juolevi or try to pry a younger C like sam reinhart instead. He fits the age group of the new canucks core (boeser,pettersson). But whatever they do, do not trade van 1st. That is a top 5 pick in a deep draft.
  2. my rankings so far: 1 hischier 2 patrick 3 mittelstadt - very skilled offensively. If he can improve his defense, could be a home run pick. 4 vilardi - i see him as a winger more than a centre. He'll have success like tkachuk. 5 necas- 2 way centre with great speed. If he can improve his shot accuracy, he can be a legit 1st liner in the nhl. HM: glass, heiskanen, makar, liljegren(i believe he can have a bounce back year when 100% healthy), pettersson(could be the steal of this draft when he bulks up and if he's able to translate his skills to the nhl). Benning cant really mess this up. I dont think he'll be drafting rasmussen with virtanen pick not working out so far. If benning can trade tanev for a pick between #7-12, he can draft 2 of these guys.
  3. The Day After. Draft or Trade?

    draft bpa or package #5 oa for puljujarrvi.
  4. (Discussion) 5th, 33rd and later picks

    5th oa: mittelstadt, necas vilardi 33rd - hoping one of these guys are available by then but unlikely : yamamoto, thomas, hague bonus: trade tanev for pick between #7 -12 overall. Draft one of: makar, heiskanen, liljegren
  5. yep i see both drafting a dman this draft 2 of makar, heiskanen, liljegren will be gone by the time canucks pick but there will be lots of choices of centres: mittlestadt, glass, vilardi, necas. I see mittlestadt becoming a canuck come draft day.
  6. what do you know, eastern teams get top 2 picks
  7. I see top 5 draft goes like this: 1 NJ - Hischier2 Philly - Patrick3 Dallas - Vilardi4 colorado - Heiskanen5 vancouver - Mittlestadt At #5 theres also glass makar necas available
  8. package the pick trade for jesse puljujarrvi from the oilers
  9. Predictions to results of NHL Draft Lotto

    avs canucks red wings
  10. Tried simulator once: 1 avs 2 canucks 3 red wings Ill take it.
  11. Thank you for the memories Burrows ! Favorite one is that game winner in game 7 vs the hawks
  12. term is too long. eriksson will be good and fun to watch with sedins for 2 yrs, but by year 4 benning will try to trade him as a cap dump by then.
  13. Tank Nation back in force with Nolan Patrick as the target?

    What will prob happen is las vegas will move up 2 spots at the draft lottery to pick #1 opposite to what happened to the canucks going down 2 spots to#5