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  1. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Time for the captain to lead by example and help his team get out of their funk. Step it up Gauncer!
  2. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Yea that's what I'm thinking. At this rate he'll be on the first line in no time. It's still good to have your prospects be part of winning clubs and learning what it takes to win though.
  3. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    No points for Jensen again and another loss for his team... Man, his team isn`t looking too good. They haven`t won a game yet. Why didn`t he go to Modo and play under Naslund again? They've got a good veteran team that he could have learned alot from.
  4. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    His team is struggling big time. Hopefully they move him up to the second line.
  5. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    That would be great if we only lose half a season and Jensen is ready to go in like January. That's one thing this team hasn't had enough of in the past. A young player that can come in a make an impact right away.
  6. Alexandre Grenier | RW

    No doubt this is far from the NHL, but it's still good to see that Grenier has the confidence to pull moves like that. Alot better than him struggling. And like you, said it's a step up from junior since he's playing against men now. This is what he's in the Austrian league for. To work on skills like this, without expecting to goon it up like he would in the AHL.
  7. Alexandre Grenier | RW

    Nothing like a sick goal like that to give a player confidence. What a beauty.
  8. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Was that Jensen or Naslund? I told you the Naslund comparison was a good one.
  9. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Playing on the third line in a new league with new teammates. I don't think there's any reason not to be optimistic.
  10. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Yea, Sweatt and Schroeder had unreal chemistry. They both compliment each other very well. Sweatt just needs to work on his defensive game a bit more and get some more finish. He would have had way more points than he did if he could just bury the puck more often.
  11. Frank Corrado Talk

    I wonder if Schroeder becomes captain of the Wolves too. I'm not sure if they still have Haydar. If not Schroeder would be most likely.
  12. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Yea, lets pass up on a potential Cammalleri type player, because we have a couple smaller players on our team. Genious. Centers with Schroeder's hockey IQ and passing ability don't come around all the time. What he lacks in size and strength, he makes up for in speed and awareness. He has an amazing wrist shot, can run a powerplay, and can even pk now. The Canucks would be dumb to not at least see what this guy can bring at the NHL level. At the very least they should be trying to turn him into an asset we can trade for value.
  13. Henrik Tommernes Talk

    Sounds like Tomnernes is doing pretty good in the European Trophy tournament. He has 3 points (1G2A) in 6 games. I didn't know this was his third appearance in the tournament. In his previous two appearances he has 13 points (7G6A) in 19 games. Not too shabby. http://canucks.nhl.c...s.htm?id=640957
  14. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Nope both brothers are there. http://thehockeywriters.com/brendan-gaunce-the-next-ones-2012-nhl-draft-prospect-profile-built-nhl/
  15. Ludwig Blomstrand Talk

    Blomstrand leads all rookies with 3 goals in 5 games in European Trophy play.