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  1. I say for less, 2 mill MAX! He has to earn his money again. I think he still has some good hockey in him. I firmly believe his eyes are open now.
  2. I hope some energy makes its way onto the bench! Let's play like its do or die! 4-1 for the home team!!
  3. I am not impressed with their effort. It looks like someone gave them ample shots of tequila the night before in celebration of the win they are supposed to have. There is compete. They are causing me to lose my voice, lucky for me, my fiancee is out on business. 4 am isn't exactly a time to be yelling at the horrible play. I cannot believe this team and their Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde play! Which team will hit the ice? Let's stop kidding ourselves, sell already. But we can't dictate who wants to buy. I'm fed up with this season already.
  4. Oh boy, I'm excited!! Brings back 94 memories. I'm a fan of the jersey, my future wife hates it, only because the colours match the German flag. The Czechs aren't fond of them. I'm hoping for a spirited affair by the home team!! The crowd should bring a nice energy and get the boys to a healthy 5-3 victory! This is probably the third game where I can enjoy a brew and yell as loud as I please, even though the game starts at 1 am local time. GO CANUCKS GO!!!!
  5. If you're 60, can you have a stand-in husband??? Why am I exhausted? I didn't do anything??
  6. I say they come out of the gates flying and show Torts what 'stale' looks like. Let's go for a 5-2 win!!
  7. Canadian immigrants as well!! Are you a German citizen who is Nucks fan? I'm going for a repeat score from the Boston game!!
  8. Purell won't do the trick, I'm afraid that stuff doesn't work well on the throat, unless you have first hand experience? Besides, you germaphobes aren't helping yourselves. Regardless, I hope for some serious effort from the guys in white.
  9. There is a link below the Ranger, it was a series that was written a couple of years ago. I'm going for the third win in a row!! The visitors win by two goals!! 4-2.
  10. I just want to see 60 minutes of hockey!
  11. I only wanted to comment on that, but I could care less. It would make for an interesting episode if he did get traded. I watch the show, but only to see the other side of the life. Hockey is one thing, but their private lives are quite crazy. "I don't know how we can live with paying $10,000 a month rent? We have to find something cheaper....."
  12. I just checked, yup, you are correct! Doesn't mean we can come in and steal one? 7 losses is a great effort, but if we put in an even better effort it will mean for a great game. Just some optimism.
  13. I looked for the person responsible and couldn't find one. So, I'm going to attempt one. @ Where? Verizon Center DC (centre) When? 1 am CET, 7 pm EST, 4 pm PST Why? To get 2 pts. for the Nucks!! Who? The good visit the ugly to make them look bad!! Lineups? Sorry, not going to invest that kind of time. You know where to look. Winner? The visitors by a margin of 2 peanut butter sandwiches scored by the lowlife Danny Butterfingers...... Miller with the workhorse performance! We empty the tank to hold off the other guys. (Sorry for the lazy effort, I've never done this before. Next time I promise more effort.)
  14. Great win! Someone said we played like crap, but I completely disagree. However, I noticed this little gem. It should say "Jardo! Prosím, nestřílejte puk" Jardo, please don't shoot the puck. In Czech, they have informal versions of names (Jarda).
  15. I wasn't brave enough to do this, but let's break another streak!! 4-2 for the home team!!